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Restoring Trust In Government > Increase government transparency and accountability

Current policy:
We will introduce a new right for constituents to force a by-election in the event of a loss of confidence in their MP.

We will require minutes of all meetings of officials on government business to be accessible through Freedom of Information requests. We will also aim to ensure that all available information that could be requested under a Freedom of Information request is made public by default.

We will require that all international treaties be passed through the UK parliament as a standard bill, requiring the full approval of both houses.
Extract from area policy:
[...] Freedom of Information laws must be protected, strengthened and expanded. [...]
Initial suggestions for consideration/discussion:
  1. government bodies to professionally manage retention of all information (including all records of all internal/external communications) by direct in-house employment of appropriately qualified professional archiver(s) to ensure adoption of (future?) nationally agreed policy and best practice

  2. design, develop and maintain standardised web-accessed storage of information (for the by-default publication referred to in the current policy), with the intention of simplifying searches across regions and reducing numbers of FOI requests - internal communications to be excluded from default publication but still available under FOI (retaining exemptions for frivolous requests)

  3. clearer guidance on vexatious and repeated requests

  4. clearer guidance on what constitutes commercially sensitive information, including likely durations for such classification
Thanks for reading.
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