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Cop Cams.

edited March 2015 in General
How do we all feel about Cop cams. I find the evidence where they have been used compelling they seem to work in favour for public and police holding both accountable in muddy situations. A quick search finds me police, at least some of them agree with me


At first I thought that this sounds like it can be abused for government surveillance but our esteemed colleague "drozer" made the point that you can walk away from a cop cam.


  • Although this suggestion might be seen to infringe on liberties via an increase in surveillance, it would appear that the net benefit is likely to be positive. Employees with public-facing roles in other fields (e.g. staff working in public transport and banking industries) have presumably become accustomed to the presence of such cameras.

    Even if certain police cameras were to incur damage and cease functioning, there might remain the possibility of others' cameras capturing some action. Police do not have an easy job to do and footage obtained by these means would increase the total amount of evidence they're able to gather.

    Are we talking images only or audio too? I think that a proposal to include audio might set rather a new precedent and would encounter greater resistance. (Therefore, perhaps by proposing audio too we could compromise on video only in the first instance.)

    Regarding obtaining copies of footage, I understand that we can currently make such requests for periods covering filming in which we are personally present (although.I stand to be corrected there). I would understand concerns that the general release of any footage upon request might be used by criminals to build up a clearer picture of general police routines, etc. This might therefore be unwise.
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