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Some feedback on this testing bit..


  • edited October 2014
    Seems to do everything I'd want and as a bonus looks good too.

    About the only thing I'd suggest is dropping the text size in the input boxes to being the same as with rendered text, but even that isn't an issue.

    Lovely, well done all.

  • I'd say the text size in text boxes is ok, and the size of all other text should be bigger. Maybe that's a sign my monitor is too big? :D
  • I'm sure this should have broken several times by now to qualify as a PPUK site? :p

    Also, azrael, it's only too big if the other half says so....
  • When is this being linked on the main site as community beta for testing? ;)
  • Viewing and commenting on my (android) mobile seems to work pretty well.
  • As per Marks thing - it's good on my phone and tablet.. So yay. I see the request for volunteer involvement has gone out so I hope we'll see more input here soon too. Anyway, Looks good so far.
  • This has now been pushed out to our volunteers list for some beta testing, and is also mentioned on our "So, you want to stand?" page - hopefully, we should be getting a bit more traffic soon, with all of the feedback that entails!
  • Really impressed with this. Works fine for me with Firefox running on Linux Mint.
  • Everything is fine for me. I love the layout and design of the forum. Perhaps in regard to the text size that should be an option in user preferences.
  • As a fall back there's always throwing greasemonkey at the problem to create your own personal solution. I use greasemonkey to tweak about a third of the websites I use on a regular basis.
  • I think it looks really weird that the footer is a different width than the page. Make the .Row class (what a generic name for a content section of a website) a width of 92% instead of 100, and take the padding off. Unless the padding is doing something useful - which I don't think it is.
  • @coxy: I don't actually use the .Row class, but I've dropped the padding down so the footer is the same width as the body.
  • @tuoni Haha, bad use of white space, or lack thereof. Should've done it the other way around.
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