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Industry shill Andrew Orlowski: Pan-european content licensing will destroy culture


Right, so the former Estonian PM Andrus Ansip and European Commissioner is proposing to force pan-European content licensing, attempting to well within the mandate of the EU to break down trade barriers between European countries as a part of the 'Digital Single Market' EU project.

The idea is to force (yes force) pan-European licensing where previously content would be licenses on a state-by-state or region-by-region basis. This will increase the legal availability of content across the EU, by its a blow to market segmentation (aka artificial scarcity) strategies to attempt maximise profitability by the incumbent national licensing bodies.

So now we're on to the more emotive 'destroying culture' argument from Poland's creative industries parroted by Orlowski. If European content is allowed willy-nilly into national markets, local content will apparently be unable to compete against cheap to produce imports, decreasing the competitiveness of local content.

Apparently only the benevolant hand of copyright is protecting our culture, otherwise we could download and watch what we wanted which would be terrible? Oh wait...
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