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County Durham branch?

Hi folks. I've recently joined the party, although sharing the same principles for many years, and I'm interested about what is happening in my area and what I can do to help.

My other half and I live in Lanchester and are currently fairly active in the community. We frequently meet great people and often talk about local issues, I feel that more can be done in this lovely part of the world for those that live here.

As for me, a quick introduction. By day I'm the Head Technician for the North's leading IT Solutions provider and by night I'm starting my own outdoor equipment business Zero°North Fishing.

I also try to educate friends and family on privacy, security and copyright issues when appropriate.

So that's me! Just checking in, and trying to see what can be done 'up North'



  • The North West is definitely the Party's strongest branch, not sure about the North East however. Glad to see another pirate jump aboard, and one in a new area (and involved in telling people about security etc!). You'd most likely have to get one of the more knowledgeable (NEC/Board) to tell you about it.
  • Hi Joe,

    If you want to set up your own branch then the Party can help you. It all depends on what you're prepared to do.

    I'd advise you to pick the biggest closest city/town and have that as your main hub. Would that be Durham?

    Then you want to start having regular meetings and inviting people to join you. I'd say pick a place you don't mind spending your time - as it might take time before you get others regularly joining you.

    I can help publicise your meetings to members via the national twitter/facebook/google+ accounts.

    You may want to create a facebook page and/or a twitter account for 'Durham Branch' - if you do then drop me a line on [email protected] so we can incorporate them into Party infrastructure (I lead the social media team). I can help you push content out to branch social media accounts as well as promote branch social media content via national accounts.

    Depending on how many existing members there are near you in might take quite a while to build up a branch - but persistence is key. We are always getting messages from people wishing there was a local branch for them to support, so there is interest out there and you will eventually be able to get a branch together if you keep at it.

    I hope this helps and don't hesitate to get in touch with me by email if you need any help.
  • I'm in Sunderland, which is a 30-40 min bus ride away as far as I'm aware. I'd love to join in any meetings but bus fares to Durham would get rather expensive.
  • Dear Joe, well done, I am attempting the same in Greenwich, London SE aswell.
    Best wishes.
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