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Can't donate

Hi all,

I've never voted in my 41 years of life (not that I could for the first 18) but being of a certain age and a certain technical influence thought I might this year, so sign up on this very web site to be a donator (and I never donate), Got the "pending" membership email and now 34 days later still have no membership, nothing, nadda, zero, zilch. Also OpenId for google accounts doesn't work. Can someone look into this?........

Also your account creation page error handling is awful...


  • Best bet is to email treasury@pirateparty.org.uk and CC s.clark@pirateparty.org.uk

    If you have already, or don't get a response in a reasonable time then get back to me to chase on your behalf (ping me at s.ogden@pirateparty.org.uk)
  • Hi Azrael,
    Thanks for replying, but to be honest I don't have much faith in the party now.... Regards
  • It may help to remember that we are as yet a small party, the people who built and run the IT systems are also involved in campaigning for the general election and in day jobs. It is regrettable that your first impression came from a website not quite functioning as well as you would have liked it to for you, but to dismiss the whole party and all it stands for based solely on that seems a tad disproportionate.
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