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For London Branch and Campaigns: Mayor of Tower Hamlets ousted by court decision.


I see this as an opportunity to replace a rotten mayor with someone completely different. If we use the style of leaflets from Cris Chesha's Gorton campaign (and maybe also bring in his cartoonist friend or someone else who can draw decent political cartoonery), if we build on how Mark Chapman fares in Vauxhall and if we throw some channels open to the media, we might get somewhere...


  • I'm certainly keeping an eye on it, although I have heard that one of the anti-corruption campaigners was looking at running as in Indie which I'd be pretty much in favour of in principle.
  • Yeah - but then it's us that needs to find the candidate and the deposit (£500), and looking at the forms - it needs to be someone that has lived or worked in the Local Authority (ie Tower Hamlets in this instance) for the last 12months, or is a registered elector in the Local Authority. Anyone fulfill those criteria and is interested? Get in touch!
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