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Hull Branch

Hi Folks,

I've been looking into setting up a branch in Hull and wondered if there were any fellow pirates in or around the area who wanted to join the cause.

I believe that Hull is a great city, with a very vibrant and productive tech/creative community as well as broad and diverse business communities. But Hull also has a variety of social problems which would be aided by PPUK pledges to introduce a free broadband for all scheme. So it would be great to get setup over the next 5 years and field a full set of candidates at the next election.

Oh! I've setup a twitter account for the branch already, you can follow at https://twitter.com/HullPirate



  • have tweetificated a link to here
  • Thank you!
  • Dear edvardio, well done. I am attempting the same in Greenwich, London SE.
    Best wishes
  • @Bluebirds002 - How's it going in Greenwich so far? What kinds of things have you tried to get the branch off the ground? I'd love to share ideas some time.

    @Drowz0r - Many thanks! Followed and retweeted.

    p.s. Ahoy!
  • Dear Edvardio, we're in the very early stages here at Greenwich. I've suggested it as such because it's a famous old port, much like Hull really! I will soon recce the area for best haunts for the meets; if I choose well, the Pirates will sail on in. I'm also asking advice from people as to standing for Deputy Leader of PP, so a double-bill of stuff going on. I do hope that your football team avoid relegation on Sunday aswell. Best. Bluebird
  • Dear edvardio, I have attempted to create a new twitter account for my 'Pool of London' branch site. My account will only default to me and not a new one. Any tips per chance to rectify this? Best. Bluebird
  • Try opening a private browsing session and do it through there, seems to be the easiest way of doing it.
  • Thank you Michael, I've done just that on Twitter. Check us out at 'PoolofLondon Pirate'. Best. Bluebird
  • Dear all, our new PP Pool of London twitter account is at: https://twitter.com/P001ofLondonPP
    I'll be checking out venues from this week and hope to attract one or two 'south side' lubbers for the booty!
    Best. Bluebird
  • @Bluebirds002 - Apologies for not seeing your message sooner. I'm setting up the branch in between developing a new rails app (with a few developers in different timezones) for my business, as well as trying to wade through the paperwork for a social enterprise. Still manage to find time to take the little one to the park though!
    @MichaelDuck & Drowz0r were correct about private browsing & the twitter app though, you can switch between accounts, or if you want to use both accounts concurrently, there are apps like tweetdeck that allow for this I believe.

    Here's a few ideas I've noted down for the Hull branch, but may come in useful for Greenwich or any other branches too:-
    1) Find central meeting point (Central & Main meeting point is most effective and allows for co-ordination)
    2) Create a map of seats within branch borders. This is important because it's important to understand how hard it will be to take each local/national/euro seat.
    3) Advertise the branch via local media - Write letters, Phone into the press/radio and comment, Join events etc. Paid adverts may also be beneficial.
    4) Establish college/university societies.

    I hope these help. Heading out to file some more paperwork now.

  • Dear edvardio, thank you. Most useful, especially 1, 2, 3 & 4. I'm starting looking tonight for part 1, and I've a whole lot of River Thames to explore for a suitable venue! Ideally, it'll be a pub-boat ['The Boat that Rocked' or similar], or failing that, a nautical themed pub next to the water. I would imagine that you'd try for the same in your River Humber? Best. Bluebird
  • Hi All,

    First meeting of the Hull Branch will be on the 4th July (Saturday) at 7pm in the Admiral of the Humber. The details are listed below and if you fancy coming along to the first meeting, that would be great.. then it's not just me sat having a pint on my own! :-\"

    The address is: 1 Anlaby Road, Hull, Yorkshire HU1 2NT, United Kingdom and here's how it looks on the map - about a minute or so from the train station. image

    As always, please follow the twitter - @HullPirate and if you want to get in touch with me directly for any reason, you can find me over on twitter (@edwardrichmond), on facebook (/edwardrichmond) or you can send me an email via http://edvard.io

    Oh! and whilst I remember. Does anyone know who I can contact to get one of those lovely branch wordpress installations and meetup funding whilst all the nominations/elections are going on?

  • Good advice - thanks.

    Incidentally, If anyone does want to attend from outside of Hull, please do get in touch first as it would be great to know who is coming so that I can spend a few minutes with everyone and put a face to a name.

  • Hi all,

    In the lead up to the first meeting, I've managed to arrange a live radio interview - I'll be on 106.9 West Hull FM next Friday between 11am-12pm talking about the Hull Branch and it's first meeting, which just to reiterate, will be held at the Admiral of the Humber @ 7pm on the 4th July.

    All are welcome to the meeting, so feel free to pop along!

  • Hi Everyone,

    We had our first meeting in Hull on the 4th, which was nicely warmed up with an interview on BBC Radio Humberside (this can be heard on iPlayer). Turnout was extremely small this time around, I got to the Admiral around 30 mins early and waited until 8.20pm before calling it a night... Thoughly enjoyed the *hic* time there though! O:-)

    I've posted a video on Youtube (Here) in Vlog style addressing some of the issues I didn't get to talk about in the interview.. Feedback welcome, although do bare in mind that this is my first time in front of the camera.. and before anyone gets in, No, I'm not wearing a halloween mask :D ;)

    That's all from Hull.

    Hope everyone is good, congrats to everyone in the elections!

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