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New proposed branch in London SE / E

Calling all Pirates in London SE / E [Bexley, Greenwich, Isle of Dogs]. It has been discussed and proposed to form some more branches in London away from the central area of Baker Street W.1. I will be looking into venues in Greenwich near to Cutty Sark as an obvious meet up venue for people like me that live south or east near the River Thames. Greenwich has good transport links plus is a Port with a very convivial atmosphere! Please let me know what anyone thinks. I will visit and speak with London branch beforehand though. Tata mateys...


  • Excellent Plan - Very happy to support you in this from Vauxhall (shy of actually turning up). I think that we need to slightly re-think London branch meetings anyway. Personally I would suggest trying to move to 'All London' monthly and 'London local' monthly - so that we don't clash with each other / are able to provide support etc. Thoughts and comments on that or any other structure?

    Also - would you be looking at weekday evenings or weekend afternoons? (Or something else in fairness?)
  • Dear Lennon, yes, very good. It could be a roving meet in any case, like a ship turning up in a different port from time to time. And 'All London' and 'London Local' in fine also. I'm looking at Greenwich [I live in Sidcup] because of its nautical heritage and its train / DLR links, but it could be elsewhere southside, as long as it's accessible. I would favour mainly the evening bit, maybe with an occassional weekend afternoon [in the summer time]. I'm open to suggestions from the 'crew'!
    Best. Bluebird [Laurence]
  • I'd probably be able to make this if it was Monday-Thursday.
  • Dear Azrael, it would, in all likelyhood, be mid-week. I look forward to meeting with yourself.
    Best wishes.
  • Great, just keep me in the loop with progress plans etc.

    Probably makes sense - once this is up and running as a regular event, to roll and any others involved into the London mailinglist, the london meetup site, and the london branch blog.
  • Dear all, our new Twitter account for this is: https://twitter.com/P001ofLondonPP
    Best. Bluebird
  • This is old, but I'm in the South-East. I can reach Greenwich reasonably easily, but I can also setup meetups in and around Medway/Maidstone Kent. How do I find out more? Where are all the pirates?
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