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Queen's Speech

edited May 2015 in General
Hi all,

With the Queen's speech tomorrow we can expect the Government to terrify us with all of their plans.

I hope that a lot of us will want to talk about this so I'm making this thread for that purpose.

It would be great if we can get some blog posts and press releases out about this too. Please write your own reactions as a blog post at https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/node/add/blog

In addition please come to https://ppuk.piratenpad.de/722 tomorrow and help us write/proof/etc. a press release


  • Good God yeah. Let's look forward to the Snoopers Charter and the repealing of the HRA.

    I'll happily come into the pad, if I'm back from physio in time tomorrow.
  • Good idea. Based on this BBC preview, a few disjointed thoughts follow.

    EU Referendum Bill

    "Have pirate flag, will travel (for work)!" But might we support the Bill for a referendum on the subject?

    Income Tax Bill

    PP tax harmonisation policy already outlined, with efficiencies presumably also guaranteeing no rise in income tax rates, VAT or national insurance before 2020.

    [I can see I'm going to run out of time to link to policies throughout, and there will be others here who know the policies in more detail/by heart anyway!]

    Immigration Bill

    Positive aspects of immigration/EU Referendum... refer to NHS policy and where the hell the government thinks all the new staff will come from (as I believe many in the media have already pointed out)!

    Policing Bill

    Opportunity to promote need for more openness in complaints system?

    City Devolution Bill

    There are some around here who will have a fair idea of how Greater Manchester might "become a blueprint for other large cities".

    Strike laws reform

    Opportunity to discuss voting reform, disparity with mandate held by current government? Maybe oblige people to vote in governmental elections and trade union ballots? Electronic voting might seem tempting to point towards but where's the paper-trail if it gets messed around with?

    Employment Bill

    What about skills needed to 2020? Those who are now aged 11 will be able to enter the labour market around the time of the next election. How are these kids not going to be faced with the same problems currently faced by the younger members of the population?

    Schools Bill

    Parents and kids know their schools and what they need from them. I'm not personally convinced of the merits of the academy model.

    Childcare Bill

    Not sure about this. What's the catch?

    Enterprise Bill

    Sounds reasonable on the face of it. Again, what's the catch?

    Scotland Bill

    Fair enough?

    Human Rights Act Repeal Bill

    Wouldn't the "British Bill of Rights" have to retain many commonalities with the Human Rights Act (assuming EC legislation still counts)?

    Counter-extremism Bill

    Facts, evidence and a pop at the bigots? Again, sounds reasonable on the face of it but would it nicely link with the proposed Snoopers' Charter (below)?

    Communications and Data Bill

    Reasonable and decent levels of personal privacy and counter-extremism policies probably aren't mutually exclusive.

    Housing Bill

    'Help to buy' artificially inflates prices. Is there anything we propose around adjusting any currently misplaced incentives for developers. What about negative aspects of gentrification during redevelopment (existing communities marginalised or, worse, rehoused)? And our (loss of) public space?

    NHS Bill

    What about all the money which has been squandered on IT systems which don't exchange data between NHS Trusts? Break a limb in one part of the country and don't expect a seamless transition. The staff on the tools know the job and they should be openly consulted about improvements.

    Wales Bill

    Fair enough?

    Hunting Ban Repeal Bill

    Is there really any need for this in a civilised society in the year 2015?

    Legal highs ban

    What about all the advertising for alcohol which remains? While it can no longer claim/imply that consumption equates to certain things, there must be readily available statistics which demonstrate that alcohol abuse costs society more the legal highs.
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