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Board of Governor Nomination: Michael Moriarty (Announcement and Questions)

Hello Pirates.

I'm writing this to announce my intention to stand for the Board of Governors. I already have somebody who will second me - I do work fast.

I'm just a guy. Some guy who's been interested in politics for years... and by that, I mean the majority of my life. If we're getting down to the beginning of it all, I'm a 16-year-old student who's finishing his GCSEs. (I have only a couple weeks left of that (á la June 12th), so I'll be free for the rest of that afterwards). So yes, I have been politically active for years (I think I've mentioned this somewhere) from protests in London, working with organisations like the Woodcraft Folk for many a year, as a member and slowly becoming a leader in the organisation. I've also been canvassing and leafleting since the earliest days I can remember due to my Dad being an active Labour supporter, and standing on occasion.

I, personally, am a Pirate. I've noted that my views are dead on with the PP's for many a year, and last year I finally took the punt to sign up. This was something I managed to hide from my Dad for... a year, and when I told him he went on a whole "OH YOU HATE COPYRIGHT EH?" rant at me... He runs an independent record label... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've been here for a year now, (Year today of this post actually) and during that time I have immersed myself in the Pirate culture and politics as a whole. I came onto this forum and asked the Youth question, of why there aren't that many sub-20s here (THAT I CAN SEE). I've gone forward and am attempting to set up some sort of Pirate Youth organisation, so far to little success, but there is a Twitter account and hopefully it's moving forward as fast as it can. I have some support from young people, who do also want to get interested more. I'm working on it all but it's on a slight backburner due to my exams. However, I'll push this through faster and, hopefully, as a board member I'll help make it an integral part of the Pirate Membership.

The fact PPUK isn't a more well-known national organisation yet is strange. We've had the leaks surrounding Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and all that. Yet a large amount of people aren't really aware that we exist and what we campaign on. This is something that needs to change and hopefully as a board member, one that I can provide the catalyst for. Every time there's a leak or controversial civil-liberty decision limited by the Government we should be on that campaigning hard on it. With the re-announcement of (What everyone knows as) the Snoopers Charter in the Queen's Speech, we haven't effectively done this. Bar a written up post by the wonderful press-team (which is a good read by the way if you haven't noticed it yet) and a few tweets on our Twitter account and the surrounding Pirate ones, there hasn't been any activity on news sites or the like. We haven't been this port-of-call that we should be on topics like this! We're effectively ignored by the media due to our apparent unknown-ness. Hell! There were people on Twitter talking about us on polling day because they hadn't heard of us, and wished they knew before. We should be at the forefront of everything. Not lacking behind in the small hackerspaces and only talked to by TorrentFreak and Russia Today. We need more.

I will bring a young person's voice to the Board of Governors. I'm right here, at the pinnacle of where the apathy starts and is continued from. I know what everyone hates about politics, how about us being that different voice for the young people?

Do ask questions below, I will do my best to answer them for you!


  • Hi Michael,

    How do you think you'll be able to balance working on the Board and the next 5 years of your life which may include further and higher education studies?
  • I'll be able to balance it the same way those on the board manage to balance working life and being a Board member. I highly doubt that it would get too much that I wouldn't be able to cover both - I am a master of time management.

    If we're wishing to use a current example in PPUK, Sam is on the NEC (as treasurer) and in Uni, of which they could be considered much more difficult to cover on a grander scale (University is definitely much more difficult than College). So there is precedent, and should not be a barrier for my nomination.
  • Thank you for the clarification David!
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