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Board of Governors Nomination - Andrew McCallum

I'd like to put myself forward as a candidate for election to the Board of Governors.

I'm brand spanking new to the Pirate Party; so I haven't had time yet to lose my good standing as a member. What brought me to the Pirate movement is a long story, which I've provided a link to in my bio. My 'newness' might be my biggest asset as a Board member, since I'll be bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the Party and will therefore be able to contribute a perspective to the Board's 'oversight' role that hasn't been 'corrupted' by familiarity (if you know what I mean!).

From what I've seen so far it seems to me that PPUK has come a long way in a short time and has to some extent become a victim of its own success. It seems to rely too heavily on a relatively small number of committed and dedicated individuals to carry out the ambitious tasks it's set itself, and is at great risk of 'crashing' as it overreaches its present capacity. To avoid this and continue growing, the Party perhaps needs to focus on consolidating its achievements so far and building its capacity in preparation for the next big push: increasing its visibility; building its membership; raising awareness of the issues it campaigns on and their importance; cultivating its credibility among voters as a serious alternative to a way of doing politics with which the public is becoming increasingly disenchanted; most importantly, not sacrificing its core values to political expediency.

One of the key roles of a Governor is to act as a kind of guardian of the Party's core values, making sure that these are not compromised in the day-to-day conduct of party business and of its activism. You don't have to look far in British politics to find parties who have lost their moral compass - one of the main reasons that the public has become so cynical and disengaged from political life. I reckon that, as a Governor, I could make a decent fist of helping the party build its capacity and keep it from veering off course as it sets sail into what promises to be an exciting political future.


  • If you want to tweet (assuming you're on twitter) that you're standing and need seconding and link tot his post I'll give it a RT from the main party account. (Same goes to anyone else standing for any position.)
  • Nope, I've never been a member of any political party; though I did flirt with the Young Communist League when I was a teenager, and had been thinking recently of joining the Greens, who have been making good noises about issues I'm interested in, like a citizens wage and devolving more power and responsibilities to local communities. But the Greens are becoming more and more like an establishment party, even to the extent of parachuting 'higher profile' candidates from the centre of power in Edinburgh to regional lists at the expense of local candidates in advance of next year's Scottish parliamentary elections (so much for 'localism', as one disgruntled Green friend of mine commented).

    But the Pirate Party ticks more of my boxes: participatory democracy, subsidiarity, transparency and accountability in decision-making, freedom of information and expression, civil rights... and (a real biggie for me) free culture and copyright reform. The world has changed, thanks to the technological revolution of the past couple of decades, and this is still to be reflected in the way we do politics and the ways we create value. We're still trying to run our public affairs in a postmodern world using 19th century technology, which sets limits on the expansion of freedom and democracy. As far as I can see, the Pirate Party is the only one that recognises this, has a comprehensive vision of where the technological revolution can take us socially, politically and culturally, and is seeking to do something about it.

    Anyhow: what was I doing before becoming a Pirate? Well, going off on rants like the one above. And doing what I still do to earn an honest crust; working at the coalface with local community-based, community-led voluntary groups to help them become more resilient through self-empowerment, building social capital and becoming more co-productive (cooperativism being another biggie for me).
  • I'll second your nomination. I like the direction of your thinking (rant). I think a new hand and new volunteers will be very useful to our consolidation and growth.
  • Thanks, Nasrani!

    DrowzOr: both. Cooperativism is a socio-economic model whereby communities (both geographical communities like my street/my town/my district/my region/my nation, and communities of interest like a political party, a commercial business, a football club) share in achieving a common goal. It's based on mutualism (the idea that mutual dependence is necessary to social well-being) and informed by principles of: open voluntary membership; democratic control by the community members; participation by the community members in all decision-making that affects their community; autonomy and independence; equal access to education, training and information; cooperation among cooperatives; and commitment to the community. I believe this model of governance maximises freedom and democracy, represents the most just way of distributing power and responsibility within the res publica or commonwealth, and should inform every aspect of our collective lives.
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    I'll second you Andrew. (Assuming I am able to second, please take this as official notification for this nomination)

    Edit: oops hadn't noticed someone else did this!! No worries!
  • You also wouldn't be able to second Andrew as you're standing against him in this election... I think...

    WAIT. How does this system work again? :p
  • I think we are all certain that Board candidates cannot second other Board candidates.
  • Confusion seems to rule ok lol
    And out of chaos comes clarity
  • No confusion on this point. From the constitution: "Members may not second any candidates in any election they are contesting." The Board election counts as one election; the NEC election counts as another.

    (The Board are still debating whether it's okay for members who are NOT contesting an election to second multiple candidates for different positions in that election, but that's a separate question.)
  • I think the Board may be coming to a conclusion (hard to say we are still waiting for some Governors to respond) that each named post for which a specific election count takes place counts as a single election and each named post counts as a single position. This would mean a non-candidate count only second one Governor. But it would mean that each separate NEC role would be a different position and different election. This would mean a non-candidate count second one person per NEC vacancy. Would also allow a candidate in one NEC position to second someone in a different NEC position (indeed all other NEC positions).

    Still - this isn't fully decided and I hope the few Governors we are waiting on can help us get to a decision before it is too late.
  • I'd be pleased to second you if Nasrani doesn't get back to you.
  • Thanks, Jim. I've messaged him and left a comment on a thread he's contributed to, but - so far - no reply. If you're up for seconding me, drop me a message with you email address for the nomination form. And thanks again!
  • Done. From the posts you've made, I think you have a sensible and realistic approach which will further strengthen the board.
  • Thanks to Jim, I have everything I need to submit my nomination. I'll get it is ASAP.
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