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Thatcher killed BB


  • A classic case of ideology killing innovation. A timely lesson for us all.
  • Indeed!!
  • sorry @drowz0r - not actually true. I used to play around in exchanges in the late 90s (my business partner had a job as an exchange engineer for BT while we were starting up our business, and BT even sponsored our Robot Wars entry) including using the empty rooms for bot testing (modern exchanges are fairly big buildings with empty rooms used for storage).

    Now, anyone that used to take the train to/from liverpool in the late 80s/early 90s will remember the slow scrolling dot matrix departures board. Well, it was sponsored by 'system X', which was the first digital packet switched exchange system, released in 1982. by 1990, almost all exchanges had been upgraded from the old contact system. Now, a lot of the old contact stuff (btw, copper-sprung, platinum electrodes set for 50v, and that was just for the ringer switch - used them to control Hard Cheese to its Robot Wars title) was still in exchanges (even in 1999 I saw them in at least 3 merseyside exchanges but that's because the install engineers were usually busy with other stuff. Like changing the digital gear. plus they were there as a fallback for some critical stuff, if the digital stuff went WAY bad.

    Then there was the 21CN rollout some 10 years ago, which meant pulling the old systemX stuff, and sending it elsewhere (I think they bought a load of it here in the US)

    But BT dragging its feet? nope, it's actually been (certainly 80's and 90s) at the forefront when it came to telephony and routing systems.
  • The article has sparked some good comments
  • I'm learning a lot from them, myself. I didn't know all this.
  • I was watching a BBC parliament debate on the rural broadband role out a while back, BT again cropped up and it seems they've taken hundreds of millions in funding from the public purse and aren't willing to supply broadband to the most rural places due to the cost. Naturally, This is leading to companies in those areas to suffer - but the point being, that the UK, due to BT is lingering further behind - and it's evident because the previous government were discussing it.
  • The US is no better, edvardio. US telco's have taken over $200B over the last 20 years, to supposedly have a 45/45Mbit rollout with 85% coverage by 2011.
    it's only ~ 50% penetration for 25Mbit download, let alone 45Mbit, upload.

    even here, I actually have broadband (60/4) but only one company offers it. My other option is windstream, with 6/1 at best, or cellular, where I can pay $200/month for upto 10Gb of 4G (I've done 50Gb on here since Monday, and its been a quiet week)

    UK isn't so bad in by comparison, is it?
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