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Do I need permission (and from whom) to start a FB group?

Do I need permission (and from whom?) to start a FB group called "Pirate Politics?

I know we have facebook pages, but I don't see a "group"

Any objections to me starting one?

Other admins welcome if we do it!!


  • Are any of you on the dreaded Facebook? And if so please if you can stand it..... lol "friend" me

  • Ok. As I haven't had a response,so I have started it.

    I have signed up 70 of my political friends who I know share similar politics. A few have left but most have stayed on. I know that we have had one person joining the Party from the group already!! It would be great if Pirates themselves could join the group too (a couple of you have. Thanks!) so that we can show them how accessible and "switched on" we are!!!
  • to answer the question... you never need permission to create something Pirate related - though at some point I guess the NEC reserve the right to deny such a creation as having any official relationship with the Party :D

    rule of thumb seems to be to create what you want and if it is good the Party will be very happy to adopt it :) that's how the early regional facebook pages came about
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