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Board of Governors Nomination - Andrew Robinson

edited June 2015 in Candidate
Changing the world isn't easy. I certainly haven't done it, but I like to think I once gave things a nudge in the right direction.

About 7 years ago I saw an article about the Swedish Pirate Party and I promised myself that I would vote for 'those guys' next time. Achieving that goal wasn't easy, as all the UK had at that time was a web forum where people complained that we hadn't formed a party. Along the way I made friends, lost friends, campaigned, argued face to face with music biz execs, met politicians from all parties, became friends with some and enemies of others, appeared on Radio and TV, and I filled out a lot of official forms. The first of those was the form that registered the party, and (for reasons that still surprise me) it had my name on it in a box marked 'party leader'. One of the last was a ballot paper, where I proudly put an X next to my own name and the party logo. By the end, I was pretty burnt out, and handing over the leadership to Loz was, to be honest, a great relief.

Being a party leader requires a certain set of skills, including diplomacy, charisma and empathy. Turning an idealistic, anarchistic web forum into a functioning political party requires a different set of skills, including pedantic idealism, argument-winning, bullying people into line and a certain amount of dogged determination. There's not a very big overlap between those skill sets, and I don't really fit either role well, but somebody had to do it, so I did. I stepped down knowing there was someone better at the job ready to take over.

On reflection, and with that experience behind me, I think I'm best suited to taking a back-room 'elder statesman' advisory role, putting my pedantic idealism to use looking after the party constitution (which I feel considerable responsibility for, as it was me who cobbled it together in the first place), chipping in on the occasional press release when asked, and doing occasional odd jobs like knocking the manifesto into shape. This is why I've really enjoyed being on the Board of Governors, and why I'm asking you to vote for me to keep the role.

In short, I'd like to carry on doing what I can for the party that means so much to me.


  • Andy, I'd like to second your nomination if you don't have someone already?
  • Thanks Chris for the kind words, and thanks Tempest3K for seconding me - I decided not to try and actively seek out a seconder, and see if it just happened naturally, and it's really reassuring to see that it did!
  • If anyone has questions to ask me before deciding which way to vote, please feel free to post here and I'll do my best to reply. For a week starting on Tuesday the 16th, I'll be at the mercy of whatever patchy connectivity I can rustle up while exploring some of the more convoluted bits of Welsh geography, so please accept my apologies if replies take a little longer than usual.
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