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Campaigns Manager Nomination - Wesley Hall - I hope I haven't left it too late!!!

Hello there Pirates!

I thought I’d put my nomination together for the position of Campaigns Manager because I believe that we can replicate some of what the Pirate Party has achieved in Iceland, over here in the UK. I have great faith in the ethos of the party and want to throw myself into a position where we can see the Pirates gaining a huge amount of seats in 2020. Birgitta is the person who initially inspired me to get involved. Everything that woman stands for is testimony to why I want to get involved in the Pirate Party. May we all look to this strong woman and just try to attempt to achieve some of what her and the Icelandic Pirates have done for democracy.

I have worked in a whole array of roles within Sales and Marketing… Advertising; Design; Developer; Marketing Manager; Event Manager; various roles in Media and see myself to be quite creative. I haven’t neccessarily got a political background and to be quite frank I always said I’d NEVER join a political party. I said I’d NEVER vote because I don’t believe that we’re living in a democracy here in the United Kingdom… BUT I have seen what’s been done in Iceland and I have faith that if all of the Pirates network both locally and internationally, we can create something amazing and eradicate the banksters. It’s what’s needed.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here which is something of a rarity on some forums, however, I want to be completely open from the start because I don’t want anyone to have any ‘ammunition’ and attempt to use it against me when I’m simply trying to do a good thing. I have a criminogenic past. I have been an absolute clown. Young, naive, got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up living a life which resulted in crime, homelessness, prison, poverty and addiction. I’ve been involved in ‘the truth movement’ for around 3 years now. I have seen many miscarriages of justice both locally and nationally. Now that I’ve matured, I’m able to actually develop some solutions to the problems that so many people are facing… Because I’ve been there… And I’ve overcome those problems. I hope to amalgamate as many problem solvers and innovators as possible together. I think we can do this with the Pirate Party, me, you and my media contacts.

A few months passed when I was released and I saw a local lad on Facebook, who had a rare form of throat Cancer, who wanted to marry his wife before he died… They were trying to raise £1000 for a minimal wedding at a registrars and I just thought that it would be easy to use my marketing skills to put together a little campaign, create a few profiles, video etc to try and give them a dream wedding to remember. In 10 days I had a castle, a hotel, dress, shoes, suits, magic, dove release, cake, horse & cart, bentley, rolls, jag, photographers, videographers, flowers, brides dresses, harps, video booth, chocolate fountains etc… FREE! It was definitely the best wedding I’ve ever seen anyway… And that’s not me being biased… I even got ITV and SKY to pay towards just to film it! Haha… Have a look here… ITV Dream Wedding

Another tragedy happened when a police officers son went missing in Manchester, I setup an online campaign to try and find him but sadly he was found dead due to hypothermia. I wanted to transition this online energy into direct action to prevent things like this happening again. I decided to setup a campaign that would try and make Manchester a little bit safer for those who not only live here, but those who come here to work, spend and enjoy. My intention is to setup ‘safe points’ around town where people can wait for a taxi or use the phone in an emergency. We’re offering outreach support to the homeless; acquiring empty homes and bringing them back into use; connecting people with employers and support services; we’re currently developing a pre-paid ‘safe taxi card’ initiative that will allow people to get home safely, all kinds of things that will aid the voluntary sector in these sad times of austerity. The project is 'Manchester Angels'

I then setup ‘ Help The Homeless: East Lancashire ‘, a social enterprise initiative which offers also offers outreach; housing advice; employment/training and temporary accommodation. I found out that East Lancs has the highest number of empty homes in the country and Manchester has the 2nd highest number of homeless people so I’ve been signposting many to landlords here and then forming wrap-around support with the amazing resources we have. Unfortunately, many support services, including homelessness and mental health ones are having their funds cut so it’s important to form community groups and grassroots initiatives that can come together and resolve some of these problems. I believe that using both online and offline methods to attract an altruistic audience that’s ready to form direct action is the best way to evolve as humans. We’ve become dependent on banks, corporates and oppressive governments which don’t offer democracy. It’s time to change.

When I started to attract a lot of media attention, Labour had seen that I’d been offered the whole of Nationbuilders resources for free following a 30 day trial. The American company was that impressed with my skills that they have helped me immensely and I now have a great understanding of the software. Last year I was approached to facilitate Labours social media campaigns using Nationbuilder. For those who aren’t aware, Nationbuilder is the software that Obama & Cameron used to literally bombard social media with their campaigns in order to get the nation to engage with certain political policies. It’s quite a sneaky tactic where your own metadata is used against you and the campaign manager can direct content that’s based on your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. I declined Labour to keep my soul in tact.

Please watch these videos to get an understanding of the software and the man Jim Gilliam.

Communities can do everything
BBC Politics
The Internet Is My Religion

I’ve worked for some of the countries largest blue-chip technology companies but I didn’t feel it was ethical to be doing this and decided to leave. I then started to work self employed, helping S.M.E’s.

Although I haven’t been a member long, I have followed the campaigns for some time. I truly believe that my skills and my passion for activism will steer the UK pirate ship in the right direction. I have the drive and ambition to bring this party to the masses. On social media between all of my various platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc - There’s over 70,000 people following my projects which address austerity & poverty in Lancashire and Manchester in just 17 months.

We have been blessed with a platform for real change using the net, especially social media. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have in order to create positive changes in society. I have seen what can be done by amalgamating online platforms to create direct action and it's amazing. I setup the current homeless camp in Manchester which has caused a huge amount of hysteria in the media. Everything helps.

If you haven’t seen it, I’d like to ask you all to watch ‘Pots, Pans & Other Solutions’ by Miguel. We can use the same principle in order to eradicate the banksters here in the UK

Please feel free to view my LinkedIn and my Facebook

It would be a privilege to be seconded.



  • Since Wesley's standing for an NEC position, anyone can second him as long as they're not an NEC candidate themselves and haven't already seconded an NEC candidate. (Seconding a Board candidate is fine.) Time is short, though!
  • I second Wesley's nomination!
  • Well I never! I'm sensing that it wouldn't be a bad thing to have more competition in these elections. However, unfortunately I don't have time left tonight to give any meaningful consideration to your points as compared to current nominee, @rebeccawho. Therefore I wouldn't feel completely comfortable seconding you and so won't be doing so this time. Sorry about this. If no one else seconds this nomination in time then I'm sure there'll still be plenty of opportunities to use your knowledge as a member in the near future.
  • @ARBaron don't forget to give Wesley your email address and @wesleypphall don't forget to fill in your nomination form on the main website
  • Thanks @azrael I have sent it to him
  • @azrael, it's not letting me fill it in, it keeps coming up with an error page. I've been having loads of problems with the site this week?!? George & David have sorted the password problems but this is rather frustrating when I have 56 minutes to lodge this nomination form and can't do it?!? :-(

  • @wesleypphall email me all the info you need to put into the form at [email protected] and I'll see if I can put it in for you
  • @George Walkden

    Something looks weird with the form where it doesn't show me seconders for this position. I looked at the position edit page and looked to be set to a default candidate type rather than NEC candidate type. I changed it to the latter to match the other positions... but I'm not sure if existing enries need to be deleted and re-entered.
  • Thanks @azrael - I've emailed you. There's another person said she's tried to second me but it's not letting her log into her account? I have both seconders e-mails. I've messaged George too.

    All I see is the 'I'm sorry Dave' page?!?
  • I second You Wesley!
  • Thankyou @ARBaron & @Anjalin05 - Much appreciated at such short notice :)>-
  • Sounds to me like memberships may not have been fully processed - which isn't your fault and I am sure won't be held against you. After all you've declared your nomination and have been seconded before deadline.
  • Did you have your memberships auto-renewed through PayPal? I hit a similar issue right when mine renewed... someone hasn't set it up right - needs to be looked at.
  • All resolved now, I think. Consider yourself nominated and seconded. (We'll still have to run a check to make sure all candidates and their seconders are members in good standing, but that's true of everyone.)
  • Do you have views on an August campaign targeted at school leavers around exam results time?
  • Hello! Got some healthy competition here :) May the best Campaign Officer win!
  • Hi Wesley,

    As we're in the campaigning period I hope you'll forgive the questioning!

    I was approached anonymously (I'm Azrael on the #PPUK channel on the pirate IRC network if anyone else wants to come by and say 'hi' anonymously or not!) by someone who was concerned by your candidacy and felt obliged to share some information with me as it seemed the Party was 'unaware of your background'.

    As it happens we've recently connected on Facebook so I am actually aware of some of your background but this person felt quite strongly that there was information that Party members being asked to vote for you deserved to know.

    I made it clear that there was no way this information would be used against you in some behind the scenes way to affect you being a candidate (not that this is what was being asked!) - and that the open honest approach would be to directly challenge you here to both bring the concerns into the open AND (importantly) give you the chance to meet the challenge head on and give your side of things. This person didn't feel comfortable doing it themselves and as they approached me in my current capacity as a Governor I feel an obligation to act on their behalf and in the interests of our members.

    I am sure you know what the concerns are - they'll always follow you and I can imagine your frustration that you will always need to answer for your past no matter how much you want to leave it behind you.

    The concerns were expressed as a series of links - so it feels most appropriate for me to share the links that were shared with me and let them speak for themselves rather than try to provide some sort of narrative around them.


    To directly quote from my conversation (and to give you something you can directly respond to and refute:

    "he's lying about a lot and he's a really dangersous [sic] man"

    When I asked if they would confront you here themselves:

    "given the way he's dealt with criticism in the past in those links that is a slightly intimidating prospect"

    So in the context of the above I also have my own questions:

    Q. Given your past do you think this is something that would hinder you in performing the duties of the Campaigns Manager?

    Q. Are you looking for a position within the Pirate Party to further any personal aims that are outside of the aims of the Pirate Party?

    Q. How do you deal with criticism? Will members be justified in feeling intimidated to criticise you? How will you alleviate the concerns of those (at least one person) that have such fears?

    Q. Reading the above links suggest you are devoting a lot of energy and passion to your work with the homeless. How much of your time and effort does this take and will it impact on your ability to fulfil the duties of Campaigns Manager?

    many thanks
  • I have been trying to log on since last Friday to say that I second Wesley Hall but was having login problems. I have been following his work for the last year and have now read all your comments and links above. I am sure that the best people to ask as to whether Manchester Angels is successful or not would be the poor homeless people who turn up to get a meal and some kindness each weekend from these guys. He obviously has a great team of volunteers and supporters behind him. I would like to say that in my opinion this is a person with drive and passion to create real change and who has turned his life around and is really capable in rising his passion in other people, for the greater good and he has the media skills and experience to reach the people. He is someone who doesn't just talk, he gets things done. I've watched some great publicity films and posts that they /he have put out over social media. His past has obviously been his teacher (as should everyones be) and he hasn't tried to hide it from anyone, surely he served his time and has turned a negative into a positive. It doesn't take one person to make this kind of change it takes the bringing together of many people with a whole array of skill, knowledge and determination and I believe from what I have seen that Wesley Hall is well equipped for that job and most importantly he really cares. Anyway, I am sure that he will stand his own ground anyway. Oh and hi to you all, glad to be registered to the Pirate Party. One Love !
  • Welcome to the Party Susie!

    I am sure you're right that Wesley will be able to answer... I think I've seen such answers from him elsewhere but given most of our members won't know him they'll benefit from the answer being here for them. I hope Wesley manages to respond before the voting opens!
  • When does voting open ?
  • Oh sorry
    and thank you for the welcome :)
  • :D

    voting opens in bout three hours :ar!
  • Hi DrowzOr, Thanks my account is working fine, sorry I did not see your email. Susie
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