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Scouse Pirates

I've only recently joined the PPUK and was wondering if their were any other members in Liverpool out there? I'd like to play an active role in establishing a branch here, but can't do it all alone. Help, please.
PS I'm not actually a scouser, but I've been here twelve years and don't plan on leaving, so I am in spirit.


  • edited June 2015
    Not 'in' any more, but I'm from Stoneycroft (Councillor Radcliff is a family friend), went to the Blue Coat and liverpool uni.
    And funny thing, I left (and moved to the US) 12 years ago.
  • One in, one out. That's how Liverpool works!
  • Oh well, good to hear from you Ktech and azrael. Looks like the search for local, like minded Pirates continues.
  • I joined PPUK today officially (already had a shirt and they have my vote). I live in Liverpool if you want to hit me up. Only a youngun but I think that PPUK has potential in Liverpool
  • I don't know why I said Radcliff, I did of course mean Radford, of the Liberal Party
  • John-LVPL, if you'd like to send me a PM on Facebook I'll give you my email address https://www.facebook.com/tony.green.7370
  • Have sent you a PM, make sure to check your 'archive' folder
  • I've sent you a reply John, and a Friend Request.
  • Having seen Liverpool (no I don't live there) I can definitely agree it needs a Pirate touch. Central issues: housing and social equality.
  • A proud radical tradition too, but something more needed now than the traditional class war leftism of the past.
  • Hi All, new to PPUK so I thought I'd do some necromancy on this thread. Any pirates lurking in the river Mersey? (Not the Dee, too much silt for a galleon).

    Would be interested in attending/supporting a regular meetup. DOES Liverpool is a handy venue for such things.
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