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  • edited June 2015
    I get an 'I'm sorry Dave' error when I try to access them - any ideas?
  • Thanks - worth noting I don't really check the PP email anymore. Not sure why I check it all, really! Works now.
  • Are there rules or etiquette around voting (or not) for oneself? I couldn't see anything in the constitution prohibiting doing this and the form appears to permit it.

    However, considering doing so doesn't feel especially natural to me. (I've not cast my votes yet.) OTOH, it does seem that even prospective MPs might vote for themselves in general elections. Is this the case, is it normal, how relevant are these queries to internal officer elections and (if currently permitted) ought it to continue within PPUK in the longer term?

  • I think voting for oneself is perfectly valid ... if you have confidence in yourself that is.
    If you don't trust yourself for the job - then don't vote for yourself ;)
  • If I voted for me, I'd resign from the Party (to paraphrase Groucho Marx)
  • Thanks!
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