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What Are We Going To Do About This: Court Strikes Down Law Allowing Users to Rip Their Own CDs

Here's the link to the EFF's take on the story. We really need to put a plan together for what we're going to do about it. Remember, it's a court case, so it's not a matter of lobbying our MPs, or is it? We've only got a month to put something together, so what will it be?


  • Is the Online copyright infringement tracker benchmark study Q3 2012 still fairly relevant? This has been previously cited by the party AFAIK.
  • Presumably, we want to respond on the basis of evidence. So I guess it'd be handy to be able to make reference aspects such as the following (for starters):
    • citizens' habits/spending/views;
    • artists' views/income/habits as consumers themselves;
    • publishers' views/income/lobbying;
    • cost-benefit of sharing of culture (e.g. listening to music on more than one device after single purchase may expose artists to a wider audience but can the financial benefits to both artists and the wider economy be reasonably quantified?).
    Unfortunately I've no real idea ATM how much research exists in these and related areas.
  • We could mention the fact it's utterly pointless, considering everyone does it and it's also something people don't do as often anymore...
  • Well your glorious leader thinks that copyright reform is not something you should be focussing on, so nothing would be the correct response.

    It should be noted that the case has been settled and there's a judgement so want you're looking at is if you can appeal the judgement and if so where. If no appeal is being organised then you can organise one, if one is being organised then contact the people doing it to get involved. Issuing a press statement is shouting into an empty room, you actually need to get involved in over turning the judgement. There's a 107 page judgement to read first though, it's pretty interesting.
  • @Aramoro, a lot of the posts I've seen you put on this site features you acting like an aggressive prick. Tone down the internet troll in you, please.

    Anyway, what I do believe he has said that we shouldn't focus on it as our only policy rather than not at all. We're not a single issue party - but it should be something we focus on, it was one of the reasons I joined (the other being a technical focus and being disillusioned with the other political choices). If Cris disagrees with that (which I don't believe he does) then we'll have a conversation about it.

    But on the second part of what you've said is practically spot on. Press Statements are good if someone wants to listen, however they don't always. If we're able to get on board with those who are appealing (or start it ourselves) than that could do us a lot of favours in getting ourselves known... Something that we didn't do well at the GE, which was evident by a lot of tweets about it... Somewhere...
  • @MichaelDuck, it's kinda my shtick so I'm going to go with it, though I would quibble the word aggressive, I've not been aggressive. Unless you mean aggressively correct! Which I have been. I was basing that on Cris's statement
    Given that we've got a formidable pirate steering copyright reform at an international level, do you still expect us to focus on this in the UK?
    To which I would say, yes you should focus on copyright reform in the UK even with a formidable pirate at an international level. Are we going to get into a semantic debate on exactly what focus means and 'what he actually meant to say was....'. You have limited resources so you kinda do need to focus on things, things like this.

    This is one of a few court cases and debates in the UK and Europe about copyright and net neutrality etc, these are the kind of topics which are perfect for PPUK to make hay and actually get some publicity by actively campaigning for them. I've not seen much pirate activity around savethelink or anything like that?

    But that's straying off topic. This is a pretty core issue for you so you should probably do something about it.
  • You know what @aramoro, I agree with you on that. It does seem to be a bit ambiguous what Cris wrote.

    But I will note that we must focus on more things like this. The fact we haven't is little more than just an oversight. Once these elections are over (hell - do it now) then we must focus on raising publicity through these. We can't expect to have German levels (hell, Icelandic if we're being ambitious) if we sit on our back and not do anything... Which is what we're doing now for the majority of things... But we do have this thread to stir discussion, and through it hopefully take action.

    I'll echo everyone's favourite earache (semi-affectionate phrase) and say we need to either get along with a court appeal or start one ourselves. That will be a start to affirm our reputation. (Hopefully)
  • Considering the EU aspect, one might expect UKIP to share some common ground with PPUK on this. Indeed How will MEPs shape EU copyright law? confirms this:
    Notably, both the UKIP [...] voted against strengthening the position of the copyright holders.
  • As a political party (therefore AFAIK not an NGO) we may not be able to propose a formal link to campaigns such as Fix Copyright!, or some existing supporters such as EDRi.

    Is this correct and are there other relevant groups we could propose support to instead? And/or could we consider a proposal to agree to support such initiatives (based on our current party policies) and publicly campaign (in the near future, without lengthy debate) to encourage individuals to support and campaign on such issues?
  • I'm a new member of the press team. I'll initiate a press release for the weekend (can't do anything before Friday). Core statement: the absurdity of this ruling demonstrates the need for copyright reform.
  • Can you open a pad to that effect?
    Now there's a 64 thousand dollar question! I'll have a bash!
  • I've opened a pad and posted an article on this. https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/blogs/andrew-mccallum/decriminalising-copying-private-use-ppuk-response-judicial-review

    I think this is something the Party could and should really get its teeth into.
  • I'm not being allowed to access that link. Apparently my computer's operating system ain't trusting ppuk.piratenpad.de's security certificate - so it's telling me. I'm a dunce when it comes to this sort of stuff!
  • I've opened a pad for this - which, for me, in a major technological achievement.
  • Evidently you've decided that PPUK's response will be nothing. Nice work all round.
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