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Post internal NEC/Board election 2015 topics

I wondered if it might be useful to gather some thoughts in advance about what newly elected officers might best be doing between the declaration of results (assuming an outcome of not re-running elections) and first official meeting. While past and current officers might be best placed to advise, members may also have views and are able to read documentation about internal party workings, minutes of the NEC and of the board, etc.

While this may seem rather premature, it should save time later on and therefore perhaps be a relatively efficient means of proceeding. Feel free to disagree with me!
  • What should new officers familiarise themselves with?
  • What (practical) arrangements should they put in place regarding contributing to the first meeting, e.g. verifying software set-up?
  • How are agendas decided and what are timescales and arrangements for submitting agenda suggestions?
  • [add here]


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