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  • Tweeted it, retweeted by various people already. Not got time to write an article about it, maybe Cris can?
  • Nice work people!
  • Cough. Not really me - I was just asked to put my name on it... Still think that a follow-up article / blogpost would be good as well if anyone's got the time and inclination to do so. (I don't I'm afraid)
  • Nice one! Unfortunately, I don't feel particularly well qualified to really follow-up with a blogpost on this but will be considering other topics on which to do so.
  • I do like that your idea of getting on top of something is writing a nothing post that no one will ever read. Nothing says problem solved quite like 100 words shouted into a vacuum.

    I guess when the big boys have sorted it all out for you, then you can write another post about it like you're making a difference.
  • Aramoro, I 'do like' that your idea of showing us a good example of how you think we should get on top of something, is by pointing out the feebleness of our small party's efforts and the lack of impact we can have as such a small group with so little available time or money to work on politics in or with. Nothing says problem solved quite like someone putting down their fellow party members by coming across as scathing and troll-like.

    I guess when you make a positive contribution to the discussion that suggests good and helpful ideas for what we can do to truly bring a message to the masses and gather real support from the people, then you can write about how good the view looks from your high horse like that makes a difference.

    In a small attempt to avoid being a hypocrite, I'd like to suggest that we make some video statements and send them to media organisations and Youtube. I'd also like to suggest that we make some videos and documentation with crisp diagrams for the lay-person about the major concerns we deal with, such as disintermediation through blockchains and peer to peer, open source software, NHS care.data, DRIP(A) and TPP/TTIP/TISA.
  • I would question your use of 'fellow party member' there. I'm not trying to show you a good example, I was saying why your current response is beyond pointless. Seriously writing 100 words with a fake-quote is not 'Nice work people!' it's pointless back slapping. Members pour thousands of pounds a year into an organisation that squanders it all on internal and national elections. You never actually 'do' anything between these points. Say what you like about Loz Kaye but he got in the Media, I'm not sure they're going to come looking for your neckbeard-in-chief next time they want a press quote.

    I think anyone would struggle to say I'm wrong here.
  • @chesha
    You say the loveliest things.
    I'd forgotten your name but I think I captured the essence. I notice you don't even try to say I'm wrong.

    @Drowz0r A human created vacuum always has a few atoms flying around in it. Go on hit us with the numbers, what are the scores on the boards for your DRIPA article, and what are the reffers? I going to guess Google is not a big reffer as searching for DRIPA gets you no hits on the PPUK site, I got bored around page 10 of results. You got 2 Retweets and 2 favourites on your article, maybe it's twitter driving your interactions?. In case you're wondering ORG are the 2nd result for DRIPA after the .gov website.
  • Also are you guys disabling and re-enabling my account? That seems mean to try and ban me.
  • @aramoro - I'd been lurking in the darkness for a considerable amount of time, before officially joining the party. I donated, retweeted, wrote to local representatives and even wrote into the party to see what I could do. When I joined the party, I volunteered straight away to start a branch, got in touch with media colleagues to arrange interviews and got the parties name out into the wild. Can I just ask, what have you actually done, apart from be the resident troll?
    It's all fair well and good shouting the odds from the sideline, belittling others efforts etc. But you have to be doing something proactive yourself for it to have any meaning.
    Personally, I think it's great having a troll around the place. I get a little laugh out of your posts every now and again, but perhaps we can sort you out with a troll award, or, probably better, something productive to do?
  • If I were you, Aramoro, I would channel all that fighting energy into joining or starting a political party of my own. I mean, you clearly don't agree with how our party has decided to be run in its free and fair democratic process, possibly because you would prefer a party that arbitrates unfairly and has a whip, or possibly because you just have a bone to pick with those who want to give people a chance to live their lives and earn their wages between their party work. In either case, what is stopping you going and starting your own party? You'd clearly do so much better of a job of it, after all.

    Maybe I'll then join your party, pay your treasury that has to spread its money thinly some subscription fees and make sure my money is well spent by trolling you and holding up your conversations at every opportunity I get, avoiding doing anything constructive to help the party work together on its projects and generally giving you and all your hard working friends a headache. Maybe you'll like that. It'll be just like old times, Aramoro, when our roles were reversed. Won't that be hilarious.
  • @edvardio You want to know what I've done, for the party or in general?

    @DanFoxDavies Starting a political party is a lot of time invested, way more than I have free really. Though if I did start one it would at least have a purpose and not just be an empty vessel for other peoples ideas as you have here. I would say I did not hold up this conversation though, this thread was over with people slapping themselves on the back with a job well done. I was mearly pointing out how stupid that sounded. It is not just hilarious though it's also party tragic, I mean the party has some good people like Azrael and Duke etc slowly getting marginalised for the crackpots like Cris and Dr0wser. So it provides a host of entertainment, watching you fail to organise a piss up in a brewery and the slow decline in to chaos and broken dreams. I could not promise my party would do the same.

    On the topic of having no whip, that's an odd one. A candidate can pick and choose any policies they like and make up their own, so why even have a party? You're just a loose collection of individuals with no unified purpose then?

    @Drowz0r Is that something that is known about duckduckgo or just an assumption? You have the traffic logs for the article, so you can tell up the number of hits though even if you can't comment on the google ranking. How many people have read it?
  • Long term, on the matter of search engines, if you want to avoid a police state's prying into your searches, a distributed system like YACY may work out best. http://www.yacy.net/en
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