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38 Degrees TTIP Day of Action for Salford and Eccles!

38 Degrees is planning a Day of Action in Salford and Eccles on Saturday 22nd August, time and place to be decided. I believe we Pirates ought to get involved, wearing our Pirate t-shirts, etc., not just for solidarity but because this is our area, too. Please join me, I've ordered 300 leaflets and an action pack and can't possibly do it all by myself. Come on, it's a great way to

• become more visible in the community
• build on alliances with like-minded people
• be seen to be actively standing up for what we believe in
• spend a Saturday afternoon hanging out being all Pirate-y and stuff

So... who's up for it?

And where will we meet? For me it's a toss-up between the front entrance to Salford Shopping City or the front entrance to the main shopping centre in Eccles.


  • This is a nationwide event, Drowz0r. Can you rally Welsh Pirates and sympathisers to meet up and help out?

    I'd like to hear from Manc Pirates; it'd be a shame if I was the only Pirate there. We have got to move on from talking to acting and we ought to be leading the charge on this. I'd be well proud if a good number of us showed up on the day and ended up being interviewed for the local papers. We need to get our talking points on straight well in advance and make sure everybody knows what they are. It's been suggested that we meet in front of the sign outside Cash Converters at Eccles shopping centre as there may be a farmer's market on that day. If that's the case there will be loads of people to sign things and take leaflets.
  • In connection with this, some local authorities are resolving to take action regarding TTIP. One such coordinated effort is being proposed by Global Justice Now (formerly WDM).

    I'm preparing to submit the following petition text to Bristol City Council. All comments/advice welcomed.
    We, the undersigned, call on Bristol City Council (the Council) to thoroughly investigate and debate the impact of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on local authorities and to widely communicate its conclusions. We are particularly concerned about the potential implications of the proposed TTIP with respect to those who live, work or study in the City. We also call on the Council to monitor development of the proposed TTIP (and any comparable successor), reviewing/restating its views accordingly.

    The EU and US are negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The proposed TTIP could have a detrimental impact on local services, employment, suppliers and democratic decision-making. Supporters say TTIP will provide benefits for consumers and the economy. Opponents say it will weaken EU standards and result in privatisation of public services.

    The documented Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), including the Text adopted by Parliament, 08 July 2015 are noted:

    The contents of the position paper from the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) European section of United Cities and Local Governments (with which the Local Government Association is associated) are noted:

    The resolution of Exeter City Council (16 December 2014) is noted:

    The resolution of North Somerset Council (14 July 2015) is noted:

    A model TTIP Motion (which may require amendments in light of recent developments) has been prepared by the charity Global Justice Now, and may be of interest to the Council:

    Bristol City Council (the Council) will become the data controller for this petition. The details you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of this petition. Your information may be shared with the petition organiser, Council officers, members of the Council or service providers.
  • Petition now submitted to Bristol City Council; with reduced wording.
  • FYI In case anyone is interested - Vauxhall 38Degrees Peeps are meeting 11am, Brixton tube, Sat 22nd. Currently not sure if I'm able to go or not.
  • Great stuff! It's great to see the Pirates getting out there. If you can't go yourselves, let's be getting other people to go so we've got some kind of presence on the day. We should ideally be out in front of this.

    More good news: TPP is dying, per tech/political journalist and Pirate ally Glyn Moody. I want to see these corporate giveaways masquerading as trade deals fall down like dominoes. If we keep the pressure on, they will. Remember how we killed ACTA? Pressure works!
  • I'll be there. Let me know when and where.
  • We'll be at Eccles Shopping Centre. I'll be getting leaflets, etc., in the next few days for distribution. Details here:

  • There are now a couple of similar events organised in Bristol. I'm intending to join one of them but would prefer to be as properly informed an up-to-date as I can.

    Hence, is this piece from June in the Indpendent reasonably recent to be basing things on? I gather that the EU has been publicising a "myth-busting" thing to counteract some opposition. If anyone's come across this, are all of the claims reasonable or is it largely propaganda? And what are the implications of the above-linked 'Text adopted by Parliament'?
  • I've had my 38 Degrees protest pack, but as discussed at the Meetup I can't be there this Saturday, I'll be in Cornwall. We were booked to go on holiday two weeks ago but our prospective landlady had a fall and needed surgery. Richard rebooked it after I'd committed to doing thisanti-TTIP thing. I decided to continue with organising it, the idea being to find someone to replace me on the day so I wouldn't let anyone down. George Walkden kindly agreed to do so, now I need to get the pack to him. I'll bring it to work with me tomorrow. Meanwhile, this is what 38 Degrees are putting out. tl;dr: it's anti-TTIP evangelism.


    This morning Rachel, Rich, Sarah and Alpha from the 38 Degrees office team took to the streets in search of tips for starting conversations about TTIP. It might sound daunting - but doing it as part of a team meant we could support each other as we spread the word about the dangerous trade deal.

    You can see a short video with how Rachel and the team got on here:

    Watch the video

    Momentum is building for Saturday - over 7,000 of us are taking to the streets! From Lands’ End to islands north of John O’Groats, and more than 400 locations in between - there’s going to be thousands of conversations exposing the dangerous trade deal that politicians and corporate lobbyists want to keep locked away in a bunker.

    So wherever you are - you can be safe in the knowledge that people power really can expose and stop this nasty trade deal, oneconversation at a time.

    If you want to send a press release to your local paper afterwards, along with pictures of the event, you can find a template at the top of this page:


    Good luck on Saturday!

  • Everything you need to know about the TTIP day of action:

    For Saturday:

    What are the details for my event?

    To find out where members are meeting in your area, sign up or log in to the TTIP day of action hub – it will take you to a page with a map and a list of events.

    Event locations are written in the description of the event, and are represented on the map by the little blue icons.

    What do I need to know about TTIP?

    The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be an expert. All the key facts you might want are on the leaflets you are handing out - so it’s more important to just have a conversation with passers-by. Some good opening lines could be as simple as:

    “Hi, have you heard about TTIP?”

    “Hi, I’m collecting signatures to stop a dangerous deal that threatens our democracy and our NHS. Will you join me?”

    “Hi, can you help save our NHS and public services from being sold to big American companies?”

    If anyone wants more information, just direct them to the website link on the leaflets - the office team have added some facts and figures about TTIP which can be found on the TTIP home page:


    What do I need with me on the day?

    All you need to help collect signatures is copies of the petition sheet, some pens, and a clipboard/piece of cardboard to lean them on.

    There’s also leaflets and posters to print out if you like – these can be attached to the back of clipboards to show passers-by you’re there to talk about TTIP. If you don't have a printer, someone else going to your event will probably have spare petition sheets to share with you.

    You can print extra materials here:


    Remember the most important thing to have with you is a smile! People are more likely to stop if you’re upbeat, polite and don’t insist they stop.

    What do I do if someone signs the petition without an email address?

    Please encourage people signing the petition to add their email address so they can be sent an update about the campaign.
    But don’t worry if they don’t, they can still sign the petition. As a minimum, everyone should be encouraged to give a postcode in order to prove they live in the UK or the EU.

    What if no one else turns up on August 22nd?

    Don’t worry if no one else turns up! You can get plenty done on your own – in recent days of action, many members said that they had a great time and collected loads of signatures on their own.

    The more people you can talk to on the day, the better – so give it your best shot and have fun when you’re out there. Remember you’re not alone – there’s lots of people in the UK doing the exact same thing!

    What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

    You can see more answers to frequently asked questions here:


    What if I have a question on the day?

    The 38 Degrees office will be be available to answer any last-minute questions from 8am onwards on Saturday:

    Call: 0207 970 6023

    Tweet: @38_degrees

    Email: [email protected]

    After your event

    What do I do with the petition sheets once we've collected signatures?

    You can send in the filled out petition sheets you collect on the day to the office team – we’ll make sure all the signatures get uploaded! There’ll be an envelope in the pack with our address already on it, so you’ll just need to put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the post.

    Remember that completed petition sheets contain some personal information so you need to take care with them. Don't leave them lying around, and don't let anyone use the contact details for any purpose other than for adding them to the petition.

    What happens next?

    When you‘ve finished collecting signatures and having conversations in your area, don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate. Events like this don’t happen every day, and you might want to sit down and have a cup of tea together, to swap stories about how you got on.

    Where do I send pictures and how can I tell the press what we're doing?

    If you’re on social media, please make sure you tweet using #stopTTIP and @38_Degrees or share your pictures of the day on Facebook.

    You can also keep other 38 Degrees members up to date with what you’re doing by sending pictures to [email protected]. A selection of pictures will be sent out to all 38 Degrees members.

    If you want to send a press release to your local paper afterwards, along with pictures of the event, you can find a template at the top of this page:

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