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Pirate Party UK Campaign Promotion - December 12th - Nottingham - #OpSafeWinter #PirateSec

Hi everyone,

There's an opportunity here for the UK Pirates to promote the great work of the party by amalgamating with a few direct actions over the winter period. We're out feeding & clothing the homeless . Maybe you could use the event to co-ordinate an awareness campaign for the "Safe Harbor" agreement... Create debate and we'll entice national/international mainstream and independent media to attend. Many people aren't aware that the European Court of Justice ruled that the transatlantic Safe Harbour agreement, which lets American companies use a single standard for consumer privacy and data storage in both the US and Europe, is invalid... We can highlight Mr Snowden's leaks that show that European data stored by US companies was not safe from surveillance that would be illegal in Europe. It's a nice platform to debate T.T.I.P too and many other topics. Maybe even a huge screen outside with a live link to Snowden to address the nation?!?

I'm not sure what everyone's stance is on the 'People's Assembly' but I've worked with a few of their staff for the Tory Party Conference here (They contacted me back in July and asked if we could develop direct actions together after seeing I was organising a 'Tent City' after Manchester council imposed an injunction to criminalise the homeless for using one!) and we can use their platform to get some familiar faces who speak on the subject like John Hilary from War On Want; Owen Jones; Jeremy Corby etc...

However, I've always made it clear to them that I'd never steer people towards Labour...

And given that Manchester Labour council is oppressing the homeless; criminalising them... I'd be a hypocrite asking people to 'Vote For Jez'... (Unless he comes to Manchester and eradicates the corrupt councillors here!)... Or he becomes a pirate!

It would have been a nightmare seeing people in #JezWeCan T-Shirts in a city where Labour council is removing essential support services from mental health; homelessness and every other public service...

But I have faith in the Pirate Party and will do all I can to support in any way possible... Because I know many international Pirates and it's exactly what the UK needs... NOW!

For those who have lost faith in party politics... And those who want to engage... We need to develop the party over the next two years at a phenomenal rate to be able to make an impact...

So, please... Come down and join us next month in Nottingham...

There's no time like the present.

You're all welcome.

Let's sort out a pirate ship :-D


FB Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1630252417248059/

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