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pirateparty.uk domain name

The pirateparty.uk domain name is currently unregistered but it's reserved for us to register until 10 June 2019. After that date it will become available for anyone to register. (*.uk domains are reserved for the registrant of the corresponding *.co.uk domain, which is PPUK.)

In the first instance I think the party should just register this domain to ensure its future use for the party.

I've been thinking through some ideas for simplifying the party in various ways and I think moving to use pirateparty.uk as the main domain name would be a step in the right direction. It's shorter than the current pirateparty.org.uk domain name and reads exactly like the real name of the party, which our current domain does not. The shorter URL is easier to include on stickers, posters, avatars etc. where space may be limited. It's easier to say.

If we move to the new domain name, it's important to ensure that the old domain still works and all URLs and email addresses are properly redirected. We would also need a new wildcard SSL certificate for pirateparty.uk. (As a warning, make sure to use HTTP 302 rather than 301 redirects until you're absolutely sure everything is working properly, as 301s are permanently cached and can't easily be changed.)


  • Good thoughts, though at this point in time I don't we're not in a good financial position to proceed :(
  • One way to cut the cost of the wildcard SSL certificate would be to use Let's Encrypt. Those certs are free, and while they don't issue wildcart certs, they do let you put up to 100 domains/subdomains on a single cert.

    More generally, Let's Encrypt is a project we should be supporting as it aims to get everyone to use HTTPS for all sites by making certs automated and free.

    Automated cert requests already work on Apache and Nginx is in progress. Integration with https://caddyserver.com/ is incredibly easy, although I understand that switching web servers isn't a trivial matter.
  • +1 to the Let's Encrypt: I use it on my site, it's good :-)
  • Regardless of getting the new domain name, if we can save £200 a year by getting certs from Let's Encrypt then that's worth doing, especially if the cert renewals are automated.
  • You wouldn't have to wait for the old cert to expire. You could get new ones today. The current cert expires on 7 April 2016. If you put the Let's Encrypt cert in place today you've got a few months to ensure everything's working properly. Otherwise you could just roll back to the current GeoTrust one.
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