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Defining our party's structure and getting things done

It seems to me that the recent attempts to call nominations for elections have drawn a blank. Maybe it's time to go campaigning to draw in new members and supporters, maybe once we have some new people in the place we will be able to get somewhere. Or maybe we should keep it more informal, have less of a structure and more of a Do-ocracy like a hackerspace for politics. Your thoughts are most appreciated.


  • "Their hell will be greatly appreciated" XD Well, you can see what my political hell is through my articles in my blog and the magazine. If you think I count as a spokesperson on any of the subjects I cover, please tell me as I do not want to blow my own trumpet unduly.
    Never signed off, eh? That says we're flexible to new ideas for how to organise as far as I can see.
  • Weird, that above comment was in response to David Elston's message. Where did it go?
  • My fault. In an attempt to clean my profile comments (or profile messages) I have inadvertently deleted all posts - the warning message wasn't clear about that.
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