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Pirates in Cheshire

As a pirate in Cheshire I'm really wondering where my fellow seafairers are hiding locally. I'm aware that there is a large community around Manchester however the limitations of public transport make it a little hard to attend anything. It would be nice to have some more local interaction if anybody would like to help me organise something in the area; I don't do stasibook but I am on twitter.


  • Great that you are wanting to get some Pirate action started locally to you - to help others that might be interested, could you be a bit more specific in terms of location? Macclesfield, Crewe/Nantwich, Chester for example. That way if Chester for example, you might get some Wirral Pirates interested as well. :smile:
  • I'm in the Crewe area mid Cheshire generally is easy to get to.
  • Sounds good that you are looking to find a crew for your pirate ship.

    The current size of the party means that you may have to work quite hard and even press-gang a few people yourself.

    I'm not in Cheshire, but if I climb to my crows nest I can almost see you from my anchorage in North Wales.

    I'd be willing to help if you get something started.
  • I wondered into Winsford cross shop on my biannual visit to see what's changed and stumbled across a maker space/ art gallery that looks rather promising for locating potential pirates. I also know there are a lot of techies in Knutsford and Wilmslow although they mostly work for WB (as I did briefly) so how many would risk it I'm not sure.
  • Certainly doesn't hurt to ask... or try. If it is a dead end, you've lost only time - if you recruit as little as one person... then that's one more person to help out.
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