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Taking stock and rebuilding (Role call!)

I have no idea who is even left in the staff of this party these days to actually organise anything (probably melodramatic but I've been busy and seen far more steppings down than internal elections out of the metaphorical corner of my eye), so I thought I would post this thread following receipt of an email telling me of the sudden withdrawal of David Elston during the Deputy Leader election. This is a role call of all remaining hands to come up on deck, tell each other what you are doing and to bring together suggestions on how we can rebuild the party leadership. I will start us off by saying that I have no formal role beyond being the science and health spokesperson when I have the time, in my occasional blog and magazine posts, and having a general interest in the health of the party and wanting to see it get somewhere in time for the next elections. I lack the time to become a formal member of the party leadership and also lack the time to stand for election, not only day-to-day but also because of the nature of my business, necessitating the high likelihood I will be going to live abroad before the year is out.

I will not presume to list anyone else's current roles in my own posting here as it is clear our availabilities are in flux, so I leave it up to each of you to speak up.

If this is a case of me somehow jumping the gun, I do apologise, but with a local election ongoing we need to sort ourselves out.


  • The Board is currently working on a plan of action, that we'll discuss during our Board meeting on Wednesday.

    At this moment, our greatest priority is to fulfil our financial obligations to keep the Party running (paying for hosting, domains, etc).

    Then we can figure out how to start breathing some life back into the Party
  • My background is in IT support, I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm willing to help where and when I can.
  • edited February 2016
    I have a few years of website development experience, both front and back end and run a hosting company. I'd love to help out with either server management or website back-end.
  • I've a few years of experience both front and back end but only limited time, please let me know if I can help.
  • I'm an existing member of the IT team. I have had some handover with Steve so have some insight on the systems in place. I am familiar with most of the technologies used in the infrastructure, but not so much so with anything PHP based.

    Happy to help out where I can.
  • I used to run a scratch-built ecommerce site for a small company in the min-2000s. I'll be a little rusty as I haven't worked in IT for a few years now, but I'll be happy to help out if I can.

    Whilst I wouldn't be comfortable taking on a full leadership role at present, I'd also happy to help out as part of any of the related departments. Personally, I'm not as charismatic as some, but I tend to do better on the numbers side of things, as have had some previous experience in managing businesses that I'm guessing may help towards the Treasurer role.
  • Thank you all for your offers of help. We'll have a few things to take care of before we can make the best use of your time and abilities.

    CJ, if you're currently on the IT team we should catch up at some point to discuss what it is you're currently doing and happy doing, and where else you'd like support. I will probably also need to lean on you a bit for advice around some stuff.
  • Use me and abuse me. I've not touched PHP in years but i can certainly get back up to speed.

    Time is my biggest constraint as it probably will be for the forcible future, hence I can't really take on a leadership role, but I can probably through in a few commits.
  • I am willing to volunteer for the Treasury Department, and help organise fundraising processes.

    I used to be the Fundraising manager for the Green Party, and have managed charity fundraising events over the years, as well as running the finances for all of my companies.
  • Would those who are definitely intending to volunteer for formal roles in the party, please create threads in the forum to nominate yourselves for the open internal elections? The sooner we can fill these posts, the sooner we can get our ship back on an even keel...
  • That depends on who's up for Leader, DL, NO, Treasurer etc... I can sense a whole new 'old' guard coming up to the 'Bridge'!
  • Given that I have suddenly inherited two hats rather than just the one I had originally intended, I would be rather grateful if someone was willing to stand as Nominations Officer.
  • Bluebirds002, did you want to stand for Deputy Leader?
  • @topperfalkon I would recommend resigning from the Board and taking on Nominations/other NEC role officially. That would lessen your work load and provide the NEC with an actual dedicated voting member.

    Personally I'd recommend a few Governors do this but hey ho~
  • The Board isn't a burdensome workload, the NEC is, the IT team is. I'm not in a position where I'm currently able or willing to pass off the IT team stuff, so if someone wants to relieve me of some work, I'd like them to take Nominations, especially if George is still around and willing to assist with handover.
  • That goes for anyone on the Board wishing to make the jump to the NEC too :wink:
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