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Community Guidelines

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited May 2016 in General
Community Guidelines

This community forum is provided for Pirate Party UK members and guests alike to join in discussion, for both on- and off-topic matters. While Pirate Party UK Members are bound by the PPUK constitution, guests agree to meet these terms when using the forum.

While Pirate Party UK value a legally protected right to free speech, that doesn't mean this community is a free-for-all or a safe haven for trolls. This is a community forum for a political party and as such we ask that guests remain civil, courteous and constructive. Forums are loosely moderated and persistently disruptive guests may be issued a warning.

If the warning is ignored, persistently disruptive guests may be either "sinbinned" (which will limit the topics they can post in), or users may find themselves banned from the forums altogether - by either username, IP address or both.

We do not take bans lightly and any forum ban for disruptive behaviour must be agreed on by at least three designated forum moderators in advance. In keeping with our aim of transparency, forum bans will be recorded openly, including the usernames of the moderators who have agreed the ban, and evidence of the behaviour that has brought about the ban.

In exceptional circumstances an immediate ban may be issued via a majority vote from either the Board of Governors or the NEC. Bans or sinbins may be appealed via the NEC.

This community forum is hosted in the UK, so UK law applies. Content that is illegal in the UK will be removed and the poster may receive an immediate ban, with no warning.

Moderator Guidelines

As a moderator your job is simply to keep the forums legal and civil. You should not remove, edit, or otherwise tamper with any user content, unless you believe it is illegal. In the event of any doubt, seek a second opinion from another moderator before removing it. You may use your discretion about applying an immediate ban for users posting illegal content or you may wish to just issue a warning. A ban must be publicly recorded as outlined below and must state the type of content that was posted.

Moderation is both reactive or proactive. You should monitor the report list and act accordingly. However, mods may also make proactive decisions without requiring posts to be reported by the community.

Most users are likely to be Pirate Party UK members, in which case they are bound by the constitution. Issues with disruptive or problematic PPUK members are not specifically a forum issue and should be taken up via the usual channels.

Some users may be guest users. As per the community guidelines, a moderator may issue an open warning to persistently disruptive guest users. We consider this to apply to trolls who are clearly not acting in good faith, attempting to derail constructive discussion, or otherwise deliberately making the forums unpleasant for the majority of forum users.

Should the disruptive guest persist after a warning, they may be added to the 'sinbin' group, which will prevent them from posting in the general threads, while still allowing them a voice in offtopic and sinbin. You should post a reply under the offending post(s) to alert everyone that this person has been sinbinned, and explictly state your reasons.

If the user is really problematic, they can be banned with the prior agreement of at least three moderators. A user does not need to be sinbinned before they are banned, but you should consider a ban only as a last resort. Bans should be recorded in a single forum thread ("The Ban Thread"), including a link to the warning post, and links demonstrating evidence of persistently disruptive behaviour patterns. You should also record the names of the moderators who agreed the ban. Moderators may use discretion over whether the ban is a user ban, IP ban or both.

It's essential you remain clear and transparent at all times and do not abuse moderator privileges. Deliberate abuse of mod privileges will be considered a very serious infraction and is likely to be deemed unconstitutional behaviour.




  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited May 2016
    One ban was put in place prior to community guidelines being adopted and before the "block" feature that allowed individual users to block one another, was installed. This ban was decided ad-hoc by a now former moderator Cris (1 mod) and I agreed (2 mods).

    This lead to discussion on how to handle bans in the future. Aramoro (aka Aramoro_a) was given the opportunity to appeal his ban under new guidelines with the new moderators but did not, hence the ban is now permanent and much of the content deleted so a review is no longer possible.

    Following comments will detail any future bans, so far of which we have none! :)
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