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Pool of London Branch revisited...

Dear all,
Having had recent dialogue with PP Governor Stephen O, he has asked me to sound the ship's horn to see if Pirates in the City of London area would like to have another chance to meet up following PP's plea all for hands on deck. The 'Pool' is the mass of River Thames from London Bridge [Upper] down to Limehouse [Lower], so this would be aimed at people living / working in the City, Docklands, Southwark etc. to get together to discuss. Please do get in touch if interested...


  • I'm in the area and would certainly try to make some of these if they become a regular thing!
  • Dear azreal,
    Thank you. That's a start. I'd probably look at doing a Wednesday {?} at The Golden Hind, behind Southwark Cathedral, as that's an obvious boat venue, though would look at others aswell.

  • Best of luck. A local branch certainly helps keep the energy flowing... I'm told.
  • Dear Drowz0r,
    Thank you. You'd think that in a City of 8 Million souls, it would be easy to arrange a group meet, wouldn't you..? Not so, 10 months ago, barely a murmur, so here goes again...next to a major River with ships on it!

  • That said this would be the second branch in London - which I guess is what is making it harder.
  • Dear azrael,
    Yes, but 'London' Branch meet at Baker St. Sta. in the 'north', whereas 'Pool of London' would be City, east & south, so slightly different! Granted though, Ed G. and Harley F. both attend London Branch, but live in the south. My branch could operate opposite their one perhaps [monthly, two weeks apart?] so that if anyone were to miss, they could catch up only two weeks after, if you get my gist? We need to attract more Pirates, where better than next to the River Thames!?
  • It doesn't really matter as long as people are turning up to it. The London branch currently meets at Baker St. on the third Wednesday of the month, and in Vauxhall on the first Saturday (-ish) of the month. The idea was to target locations that are relatively easy to commute to.
  • Thank you topperfalkon, I've selected a venue to do just that, a bar between London Bridge and Cannon Street Sta. So easy for BR, tubes and buses. I'll keep the 'feelers' out on here and get something going in April if I get enough interest...
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