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It's good to see that the whole PPUK site is running on HTTPS. However, community.pirateparty.org.uk needs to force a redirect to HTTPS as this isn't happening automatically.


  • You're right - I do force HTTPS on login, but I need to get the server config changed for here.

    It'll happen shortly.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Alternatively task volunteers to visit all users of the site, looming over shoulders and shouting 'ADD AN ESSSS'.
  • Yeah - I had an issue with the 'force https' on a blogpost I wrote - I was pulling a picture from elsewhere for illustration and it wasn't working. Took me a while to realise that it needed that extra "s" on the image link to be happy.
  • We use HSTS to get the browser to upgrade to https, this only works after you've made a change to https.
    This gives users a choice and also removed the ssl overhead for search engine indexing etc.
  • I use that on all my machines, and I'm pleased they've finally managed to overcome the problems they were having to release a Firefox android build :D
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