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It's been a long time since I posted in PPUK forums; amazingly my login and id still works to do so. I am not currently a member any more, that lapsed well over a year ago; unfortunately I wished to be politically active in the Green Party where I presently live, and they are not currently enlightened enough to allow concurrent membership of any other party (I'm working on that, but it is an uphill slog and a downward dig). So for a while I have no choice but to be only a friend of PPUK, and follow your progress in the news.

I was a little disturbed to see the recent update email, that the party is operating on an emergency basis with Board members stepping in to fulfill essential roles; Stephen Ogden, Will Tovey, and Harley Faggetter doing so, and that it has been proposed to the Board to consider a graceful shutdown of the UK party, which is within their remit to action. I had seen previous open nominations, and considered rejoining the party; even of putting myself forward for leadership; I didn't do so and presently my circumstances don't really allow me to consider that option.

Not sure what I can offer in practical terms at present, I did serve as Nominating officer for an extended period in PPUK previously, and so could offer support to anyone who is interested in taking that role on for the party; I also remain active politically in my local Green party where I campaign and have stood for local election, so I remain fairly current with electoral procedures and requirements.


  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited March 2016
    John; Treasury can look into the membership issue for you. Details on the website under "contact".

    The Greens have recently passed a motion to allow joint-tickets but in practice they haven't actually had a single approved joint candidate. Personally I wouldn't stick with them... I tried the Greens, it didn't work out :/

    But hey, I'm hardly going to recommend them, being a Pirate ;)

    The offer to help is of course welcome. I'm sure the stand-in NEC will make use of that. Do you know what period you served on the NEC?
  • I'm under the impression it lapsed intentionally.

    I've noticed you've said you'll pay us a visit on Saturday (London branch meetup), so I'm sure I'll be able to fill you in a bit more then.
  • Dear JohnB,
    You sound like a stalwart that we sorely need, if only you weren't so 'green'. I shouldn't worry too much about cross-over memberships, I've been adrift for years trying to find the 'one'. This 'ship' is too good to lose, so that's why I'm considering stepping up my interest. I haven't posted for 9 months, not since a faceless PP troll slated me for daring to think about standing as Deputy Leader on account of a previous party's policy! I wish you well, I was a green once, but came away once I'd realised that they were more red than green. And their present leader is pretty awful, of course.
  • edited March 2016
    The board of governors rejected a motion to dissolve the party on 24 February but the party is nonetheless on life support and ultimately will not continue unless people step up, formally and informally, to get stuff done that needs doing. Every area of the party needs help: political leadership, comms/campaigns, finance, admin, web/technical, nominations, etc.
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