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Campaign idea: Future News

If you want to see something happen, it's often a good idea to envisage just what the outcome will be like.
So why not mock up a sort of quite-serious pro-Pirate mockumentary which imagines the UK post-elections in which the Pirates have had a massive run of good luck and an electoral success into a coalition or outright victory. A video which 'looks back' on those interesting days as the newly formed government did some really cool things, and the headlines from various blogs and news outlets which track(ed) the news as it happen(ed). "Pirates win election!" "Major patent shake-up!" "Open source IT for all the public sector" "NHS rebuild begins" "City No More! Banks Told To Walk Plank!" "Britain now 'Cryptocurrency haven'" "Bye bye TTIP" "Copyright brought back to its roots" and so on.
If you imagine something hard enough...


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