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Policy Suggestion: Vaping

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited March 2016 in Policy Discussion
As Vaping increases in popularity, so does the regulation around it.

There is a strong movement in Wales specifically but it is moving across the UK and EU to ban vaping in public places despite there being absolutely no evidence that passive vaping is harmful.

I suggest a policy to permit vaping in public spaces, ergo repeal any laws against it while private companies can reserve the right to ban vaping on their own property (similar to mobile phones or anything else distracting).

Clinical testing of the effects of vaping should also be undertaken.

I think this is somewhere we can get ahead of the curve and offer something most other parties do not, such as with our cannabis and ecstasy policies.

P.S. the sudden move against vaping has created parties such as Vapers in Power. Naturally in areas where they do not have candidates or the voter does not want to vote for a single-policy party, we can offer a good alternative with a policy like this.


  • I actually asked Vapers in Power if they could provide us with some documentation as evidence to our policy making. They sent the following two links:

    Overview of evidence from Public Health England
    Guidance National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training
  • Personally, I agree with this.

    The multiple approach aspect of this policy would have to be the key point as well, I think.

    By allowing vaping to continue in places where smoking is forbidden provides emphasis to move away from smoking to vaping, which as a non-smoker my nose and lungs will greatly appreciate.

    The clinical testing (backed up with subsequent regulation as necessary) will ensure that the alternatives offered are safe, and how to keep them safe.
  • As with every drug there are good and bad vaping fluids available, and good and bad vapourisers. I recommend a British Standard is established and enforced to ensure the safety and quality of these so that they do no hidden or overt harm.
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