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Nowadays there seems to be a lot of talk in elections about a renewal of protectionist economic policies, I.E. the process of putting tariffs on foreign imports. In light of the human rights abuses of huge net exporters like China and Vietnam, and the loss of large swaths of British manufacturing (and their well-paid jobs) to sweatshop dictatorships abroad, should we as a party consider protectionist economic policies to encourage investment in British jobs, or would this be regressive/inefficient? Could we even cope with the industrial readjustment bringing manufacturing back would require? Im interested to know what people here think honestly.


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    I think it is possible to bring manufacturing back here without protectionist policies. We need to be more ready to market ourselves on the basis of quality. As more countries become 'developed' it gives us a larger export market. We need not to look to our past industries, but to future trends yet to arrive in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is why I'm in biotech, though ironically I'm taking my company to Ireland because they're already ahead of the UK in terms of having detached-somewhat-from-Big-Pharma biotech business accelerator programmes and favourable prices for property in which to set up a lab.
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