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The site font is too small

The main site font is too small, this mostly didn't bother me, however for a forum it has to increase IMO


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    The whole website needs a new design. I hate the current one so much — I think it's terrible from a usability point of view and really fails at communicating the parties messages to a mass audience.

    I would love a totally new site:

  • Are you able to help design a new sexy theme/layout of existing site and content?
  • I was mostly aiming my question at coxy ;)

    One of my problems is I can do html/css/various other web languages, and I know when I do or do not like something ... however when it comes to designing something original and nice looking... not so hot!!
  • Also - something that works on mobiles would be a massive boost...
  • I don't know drupal well.. so I don't know how much the design and structure are separated form each other.

    I'd love the site to be given a bootstrap makeover - I'd be happy to help with the grunt work, just would be really good if we could find a designer with a good eye and a drupal person so we can hit the ground running.
  • https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap :)

    The entire point of moving onto Drupal was to ditch our responsibility for random bespoke code - everything which we use is basically OOTB now. The theme is just that.
  • Are you saying we can just apply this bootstrap theme and everything will continue to work as it is but look bootstrappy - thus giving us a nice responsive design with minimal effort?

    If that's the case I say let's give it a go!
  • In theory, yes. It'll take a bit of work on the theming itself, but I don't see why not. Of course, the caveat here is I'm just making it Someone Else's Problem™ as it won't be me doing any of the lifting.
  • *cracks knuckles* would this need to go through webteam or campaigns or both?

    (hoping I can get a copy of the site to make theme changes to and hopefully encourage others to help me once there's something to work on)
  • Content/looks etc are a campaigns thing, though you'd need to check with IT that they're happy too as they're the ones who'll be doing the technical (i.e. "EVRYTHING'S BROKEN!!1eLEVnTY!") support.
  • well I'll send an email to the campaigns list.. and if no one else answers it in 5 minutes I'll answer it myself and give myself permission :D
  • I must say, the mockup coxy made looks delicious.
  • *ahem* perhaps we could... pirate it? XD
    I know, permissions not defined =/= CC.
  • It'd be nice to see a solid commitment to improving the party's website. It feels essential actually, given the party's background. I think atm the website would put off a lot of younger voters, in particular.
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    I agree with all of the above and was thinking about saying something myself. Was hesitant as I think I have rocked enough pirate boats as it is!!! lol

    Another thing to be considered IMHO, is this forum. It is not mainstream user friendly and does not give any ability, really, to find out who other people are or to interact with one another personally. I appreciate there is the @someone possibility, but that is very limited and not easy for the average Jane or Jo Bloggs.

    Also something that has frustrated me enormously, is not being able to "like" or "dislike" a comment or to reply just to that comment.

    Most people on this Board seem to be geeks. So brilliant...... we collectively have the skills to make/clone or import something all singing all dancing!! I hate to say it, but a bit more like the facilities that the dreaded FB offers!!

    And if the main site is Drupal, isn't there the possibility of doing this, rather than having a vanilla forum?
  • What about a "Dolphin installation"? Altho designed as dating software, it is really great for communities!
  • > The appropriate skills are the problem. We all know the website needs improving, it's sourcing the people who can perform the function of fixing that, which is the difficult bit.

    Really it needs to be outsourced to a proper design team. Obviously funding is an issue for that, but it should be a fairly high priority imo.
  • Crowd fund?

    How many paid up members do we have? A newsletter to them all?
  • I think we need a crowd fund to top of the piggy bank after the election - else we might not be able to keep the lights in the server room going (or something like that).
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    A serious question: How many members do we have in the UK?
  • Just a little under 700 I think.
  • ok so if everyone gave a quid that would be £700. How does fund raising work in the Pirates? I assume we don't pillage ships any more, so what happens (lol)?
  • We put out a call to members and shove them at https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/donate or we use a crowdfund website and direct members and non-members to it - tends to be a bit more effective than just directing to generic donate page
  • I believe that we now have a 'fundraising' team which is due to get started etc. once elections etc. are out the way. Although, as Azrael says - initially we need to raise £5k to pay back election expenses just accrued.
  • If we're going to crowdfund this in order to procure a redesign, are we able to more closely define the scope of such work, in order to estimate likely resources and therefore cost? Is there a prioritised wish-list or something somewhere, such that the redesign could be phased according to funding? Do we know views of members not currently interacting much with the site, especially why they're not doing so and what might encourage increased interaction?
  • The website of the new Women's Equality party is brilliant and is more along the lines of what the PPUK site should look like imo: https://womensequality.org.uk/donate/join/
  • That is quite nice actually - and (my particular bugbear of the current site) *mobile friendly*... Also, as a quick and easy example of something knocked up that is pretty simple - Andrew's Weebly created for Hamilton South By-Election is simple, clean and straightforward - http://pirateshamiltonsouth.weebly.com/
  • and (my particular bugbear of the current site) *mobile friendly*
    This current forum's mobile friendly, though :-)
  • I recommend that the design team chosen is selected both for talent in creating excellent and 'responsive' websites and in using open source and free software to do it. Why not put out a call on social media (using party accounts or using personal ones? Discuss...) to ask for quotes?
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