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Any progress on electing a new leader?

Lets face it guys, serious infighting all over the Reddit forums and it seems like things are slowing down around here in general, lots of defeatism in the air. We really need to get the steam going again, but sadly thats a lot more difficult than it sounds. I think we need to have a discussion about this.


  • Hi Faust,

    The Board is currently trying to organise things to get into a decent state. TBH there's not a rush to get a leader at the moment - we are better off focusing on arranging the boring backend administrative stuff so that when we do get people standing for the NEC there's something to handover rather than dropping them into a deep hole.

    Once things are on a better footing I still think we don't want to rush into getting an elected NEC. I would rather see a bunch of people interested in the jobs come forward to work in those departments with the Board to get an idea of what the job is. Only then would I want to see them stand for the position - hopefully with some competition for the roles.

    But yes - we do need to have a discussion and we do need to get steam going. Ideally those interested in the NEC jobs should be coming forward now to work in those departments for a month or so - sooner the better.

    As for a proper discussion - we do have a mumble channel and anyone is welcome to organise meetings on it.

    Info about our mumble server - https://legacy.pirateparty.org.uk/wiki/Mumble
  • Can we not take a leaf out of the Icelandic book and not have a leader per se?
  • Well our constitution says we have to try and elect a leader, and the electoral commission needs us to have someone registered with them as a leader.

    But there's no reason the person registered needs to be a boss top of a pyramid type person. Also no reason we can't change our constitution following the whim on the membership.
  • sure this has been talked about somewhere http://www.holacracy.org/
  • The problem of not having a Leader is the press generally get confused. It was tried in Wales with the Welsh Greens, eventually they changed Spokesperson for Wales to Leader of Welsh Greens or whatever as interviewers never knew who they were talking to and didn't know if it was important to take their comment/release.
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