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Policy Suggestion: Full Open Councillor Disclosure

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited April 2016 in Policy Discussion
Currently elected or co-opted candidates must disclose a variety of information around lobby groups, political parties and where they hold vested interests of a substantial amount in shares (£25,000).

It is currently not a requirement that this information be published, although a lot of councils do volunteer it.

I suggest we make the following information mandatory on the councils website:

Political Party (if not Indie)
Lobby Group (Union, etc)
Declaration of Interests: Shares etc

I think we should also lower the share "substantial" threshold to £5,000.

Address / telephone number should remain optional as they can be contacted through the council's clerk.


  • I don't object to this idea, certainly would increase council transparency (perhaps more important for inner city councils like my own local council)
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