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Joint Candidates

Something I spoke a little about in GE2015 was joint candidates. Some parties are open to standing on a mutually beneficial platform and having a joint candidate. Most of these parties that offer co-operation are much smaller than ourselves and what we could gain is little. Occasionally though, they are quite a bit larger.

In order for it to work, there would need to be negotiations between party leadership and the right kind of candidate selected. We would also need to ensure the Pirate brand is promoted just as equally as the other party.

I'd really like to know how open everyone is to this kind of thinking. I can't help but feel ordinarily this wouldn't be needed if we had a more proportional voting system but in the mean time it may accelerate the rate in which we get more pirate candidates and more pirates elected. It would also "remind" those in other parties we accept duel membership in PPUK and increase our revenue.

My view is, one of the benefits of being centralist is we can vote-with a variety of other parties. I believe there will be occasions where we can also stand a candidate with other parties depending on the type of election. For example it would be a lot harder to find agreement on national elections as opposed to a county councillor seat.


  • I'm open to it. Most of the Pirate principles are compatible with most of the other parties, so there shouldn't be much difficulty retaining them in any joint candidacy agreement. However, we should still be careful about the partners we choose.
  • I agree. I think it would be difficult to justify a shared platform with say, Britain first. I would also say we need to be careful even with the compatible parties, I wouldn't want to get drown out or them steal the credit.
  • edited May 2016
    I think parties we might end up working together with nonetheless have a very distinctively different political flavour to ours. Possibly the closest are the Greens and Respect, maybe? But then there are others who would argue we are closer to certain aspects of UKIP (*shudders*) and even the Tories' nicer people. Then in other ways we match certain Labour policies - and given the state Labour is in, at this rate they will end up wanting joint candidates (and the Lib Dems probably already are open to such, but would anyone vote such a toxic brand?). I don't know enough about, say, TUSC or the Northern Irish parties to be sure what to say.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    I think it would be some-what regional. For example TUSC up in Manchester got on well with our Gorton candidate, while down here in Wales they're far more aggressive to others.

    Depends on the politics of the day to some degree.
  • I don't have an issue with it - but it would need the agreement of both parties and the candidate which eliminates most options.

    As an potential example that might work X is a long-term Pirate with a particular interest and focus on Transhumanism. As such he is also a member of the Transhumanist Party. Given that both parties allow members to also be members of other parties it works and a joint candidate would be possible and feasible in this example.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    I agree. Personally I think the transhumanists should just be absorbed into PPUK but I hear they are very settled on their own party - so joint candidates is certainly possible, if they agree.
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