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Pirates Wanted! A list of vacancies

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited May 2016 in General
A list of Vacancies anyone can put themselves forward for.

If you have skills, we could sure use them - or maybe you could pick up a few new ones!


  • edited May 2016
    Do the design/web posts come with the option to rebuild the PPUK website from the ground up? I don't know if anyone picked up on my feelings in previous posts.. but that's something I feel should be done... Happy to put the time into something like that..
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    Purely content creation and moderation. The website does need fixing but it needs to be brought into a reasonable state for transition first. There is a lot of stuff the website handles (membership etc) that would need to be retained before it can be re-built.
  • Surely design/development can take place on localhost/test servers... Why would production need to be touched during development.. unless it's to gather information/database info etc?

    Happy to pitch in at such a point when that happens though... My membership auto-renewed the other day, so I'm around for at least another year in some form.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    The test servers are out of date - IT has changed hands and they're looking to update the test servers to naturally try some of this stuff out but until then Content Team can look to making the current site some-what workable.

    There will probably be some e-mails coming your way regarding some media we could certainly use...
  • I'm in the "burn the website to the ground using maximum fire" camp. Happy to help and work with others if there's a serious attempt to rebuild something much better from scratch.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    Our trello has a list of IT problems. If you accept the invite and take a look I am sure it would be appreciated.
  • The main website needs a new Drupal theme. This doesn't involve messing around with the database/membership functionality. And the theme work could and should be done in conjunction with a full content review, if possible.

    This wouldn't require an in-house dev/staging server if that would be a problem, just a Drupal install on any server anywhere either with dummy content or preferably with a dump of the real content.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited May 2016
    We already have an in house staging platform:


    However it is due to be updated to the latest build.

    Trello ticket https://trello.com/c/7KrxdptS/45-bring-staging-env-up-to-date-with-live

    Theme play can be done on this site too - but we need it to play around with different content blocks etc too.
  • I'd like to build a Scottish branch and offer to be a volunteer journalist.
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