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Who's going to ORGCon 2014?

edited October 2014 in General
Looks interesting, is in London.

With enough Pirates we could hold an un-conference session :)


  • I am currently volunteering for ORG and will be attending ORGCon. I would be happy to help a Pirate unconference session. Can I assume you're attending, Chris?
  • edited October 2014
    Hiya - I now have my ticket for ORGCon and am just trying to negotiate with my wife how much of it can go to (and thus leave her with the kids all weekend... ;-) ). Given that both days are taking place within the Constituency for which I am standing (Vauxhall) it would be great to get a Pirate group together there (as well as a great opportunity to meet people.
  • I bought my ticket today - technically for both days, not sure if I'll do both though, will have to see.
  • All sold out unfortunately :(
  • edited November 2014
    It sold out whilst I was stalling over whether to go or not. I'll probably go next year though.
  • Right, if any Pirates want to meet up, do let me know, drop me a message. I'll be wearing a black PPUK logo'd t-shirt. Message me if you want to discuss PPUK things. :)
  • A great day yesterday, unfortunately only able to attend on the Saturday. Scott
  • If people want to come to the Wednesday London meetup, I'll be talking about my experiences at the conference :)
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