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Discord Chat Now UP!

edited November 2016 in General
A central, maybe official, maybe unofficial, Discord chat can be found here:
Discord is an awesome IRC like chat program with the advantage of also having VOIP capabilities if you so wish. Join me and Moriarty for a good time!


  • I'd already set up a Discord server, but hadn't promoted it (the intent was to use as a platform for board meetings initially).

    Still, if you guys want to use Discord, I'm happy to support it.
  • I'm really enjoying it - cross platform really makes my life easier. I've posted some links around to see if it spikes interest. A few people have popped in. I think we should consider replacing IRC with it and direct people to Discord instead.
  • The fact that people seem to actually talk in Discord over IRC is a bonus. There are $YourOS Clients as well as Mobile clients. I think its the way to go as IRC is very limited. Maybe update the MOTD in IRC to say head over to https://discord.gg/ebWPSYM ?
  • It's worth a shot - change the MOTD and see if it generates any complaints - we could always use IRC just as a signpost to direct people to the Discord channel.
  • I am a big fan of Discord, with both IRC and mumble like functionality all in one place.
  • For those not already on here, I heartily recommend it. No installation necessary and it's where all the cool kids are at :smiley:
  • It's making life a lot easier for me, I can just pop some stuff up in discord and I generally get an answer (and vice versa, my mailbox is getting less spammed)
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