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Painful Joining Experience


So I have been wavering if I should join the party or not. I decided I should, I went through the sign up process and noticed a lot of errors with the site and the process. Some of the problems I found:

-When trying to sign up selecting 3 month takes you to Pay, however PayPal is trying to setup a 6 monthly subscription. (May put people off).
-When being transferred from PayPal to the site getting a 504 error from Nginx.
-The fonts on the site are hardly readable for someone who poor eye sight.
- No SSO from Front page to Community.

Just thought I would put the feedback out there. I have emailed the WebTeam saying I will volunteer to help sort some of the issues out. Not like its my day job ;)


  • edited October 2016
    I believe a lot is currently in the works to sort out the websites.
  • Yeah rather annoyingly after every paypal update or whatever it seems to break the payment process. We'll look to simplify it - the website has currently been tidied up a lot and now some background work is being done. Thanks for letting us know though - often errors go unreported and it's like wandering around in a dark room.
  • :) sounds like your on it. As I mentioned above, more than happy to get involved in the webstuff, and I have sent the team an email.
  • Great, I know the web team are trying to fix and sort out a lot of the "stuff" so later isolated tasks can be delegated.

    Were you able to join after?
  • Yes. I am now a paid up member :)
  • Then welcome board! :smiley:
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