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Bournemouth & Poole areas

I am a Bournemouth based Pirate and interested to see how much support there would be in the local area if I was to try to start up a local meet/branch etc

I have been interested in politics for a number of years but the recent events of 2016 have meant that I see a lot of people that previously were not concerned and very apathetic have now started to take an interest. As such, I feel now that I have some time I can dedicate that we could start to gain some ground in areas other than London, Manchester and South Wales.

I have two children of my own who have also now started to show an interest in politics because of the discussions that are now beginning to happen more frequently in schools. As such I am also very keen to try to get Pirates more involved in youth politics, as I see the next generation that will truly be the ones in need of a new kind of politics. With the recent meeting of the MYP's in the House of Commons, I was truly inspired by the diversity of the house and the sense in which they debated their campaign for next year. You can see the day here and here. Of course, there was some flannel as well, but no more than a typical debate in the House on a regular day, and far more respect should to each other than normal for sure!
Please let me know if anyone is locally interested and we can organise something.

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