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Joining the NEC (Was Joining the Board)

edited December 2016 in Candidate
I have been a pirate for a few months now, and I have seen (and been part of) the hard work that goes on to run the party and keep it afloat. Therefor I am asking to stand as a member of the board, and asking for a second.

I feel that I can help the board drive forward there vision, with passion for the party without eating up too much time if I joined the NEC. Allowing me to carry on the current work within the IT team.

Im not a marketing guy so not sure what to write here. But any questions please do ask.


Matt / Zapto


  • Hej Zapto, New blood and energy desperately required. Assuming you've read https://pirateparty.org.uk/board-code-practice and have no issues.
    If you can coordinate with Harley we should be able to run your vote and Termy's at the same time which would be a lovely outcome.
  • Yes, that would be brilliant, cause it'll fall to me to organise straight after my own election if it's not run beforehand. XD
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited December 2016
    Active members are definitely needed on the Board and I don't seek to discourage but while the NEC give a voice to the party, the Board are essentially the "owners" who collectively hold a lot of power and responsibility.

    For example, in some what recent history the Board took the decision to remove us from Pirate Parties International. The Board has also appointed Interim party leaders in the past along with other things. It's important to have a firm grasp on how your actions may be perceived by the party membership - or at least be ready to defend your decisions.

    In my time on the Board, I found that while I fought for and wanted privacy, when taking a more public role, I had to give up a lot of that - we have public-facing profiles on the website and often feature in press releases and the sort.

    Would any of that be a problem?
  • I am happy with what the board is for and what powers it has (and what powers can be abused). One of the reasons I thought the board may be good is I am active on the forums / chat so cant relay the views of many over the views of people who are not so active.

    While I dont have an issue with the public view per se. I think my employers may have other views. I will have to consider this carefully before proceeding any further. Unless people have other suggestions to strike a good balance.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited December 2016
    I know an employer cannot stop you from joining a political party, even if they have a non-partisan policy (such as a charity etc, as you would be operating in your own time and not on behalf of the firm). Same goes for party leadership positions - but some may not like it and yes it is something to consider.

    That aside though, I would encourage you to join the Board.
  • I have been thinking about this overnight, and my thoughts are f&*k employers and all there tosh. We need to drive forward change and hopefully I can help deliver that. So if my fellow pirates are happy for me to help steer this ship into victory, I am happy to take on the role as people see fit.
  • After much discussion within the chat (go and join in) it has been talked that we need more effort in the NED than the board. I have therefor would like to change my application to join the NED as Volunteer Coordinator. I believe that I can being my management skills form my day-to-day life as running a team of 10 people who are routinely spread across remote areas, doing different tasks.

    I feel that I could work with each department and hopefully use the skills donated to us in a good way. We have people emailing the various teams but no single point knows what work needs to be done.


  • There isn't a position on the NEC called "Volunteer Co-ordinator" but there is an appointable vacancy in the campaigns department with that title.

    NEC Roles:

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