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Variety of ideas for discussion

1. Make bitcoin a national currency
2. Make PPUK a virtual nation see this website (https://bitnation.co/)
3. Show NHS costs to patients aka if there is a pill version of a liquid medicine that is cheaper lets try and persuade them to take the pill
4. Increase the fee needed to keep a patent as a company acquires more to stop monopolisation
5. Make all new builds have solar panels
6. Force all MP's to spend a week living on the street to experience true hardship
7. Make it compulsory for all public buildings to contain defibrillators and train children at 16 to use them
8. This last one is mostly theoretical: the total removal of all border controls worldwide (https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23030680-700-the-truth-about-migration-how-it-will-reshape-our-world/)


  • Personally...
    1. I don't see a straightforward way of regulating bitcoin, which makes it somewhat a no-go as a national currency.
    2. I don't think this is something PPUK should be doing. Supporting these initiatives is fine, but PPUK is first and foremost a political party based in the UK.
    3. I don't think this is wise.
    4. I'd rather just have a hard time limit. Like, you get 10 years, max. If you haven't fully realised your invention at that point, tough luck.
    5. This might not always be practical. Also, rather than mandating it, it might make more sense to incentivise instead.
    6. This might be disruptive to MPs that are actually trying to do good with their time.
    7. Probably a good idea.
    8. Until we have a competent supranational Pirate organisation, we can't really campaign on this.
  • Number three is already done, and will be pushed over the winter months (in NHS terms this is Jan to Mar) as winter pressures set in.

    While number five is an interesting idea, I dont think solar for all houses is the right choice, like many of the houses around my area we are showed by trees, however other renewals like bio fuel should be mandated we have an abundance of wood that we can use as an off shoot of forestry work. So my mantra would be enforce renewable over solar

    Most public buildings are now installing defibs, and there is a government grant scheme, I am on the board of a charity thats aim is to install and train as many people to use a AED, and we have campaigned for this long and hard so would be good to get more support!
  • 1. Whilst it has uses I don't think it is stable nor in a place where it could completely become a national currency at this time.
    2. Similar to Number 1, I think longer term, possibly but not right now.
    3. A form of this will no doubt come soonish anyway just not exact cost but an indicator of which is cheaper etc
    4. I agree with topperfalkon, I think fixed term for all
    5. I think all new builds should be as energy efficient as possible, this includes as much renewable power generation as possible/suitable for the area i.e. wind, solar etc..
    6. Realistically not going to happen, but perhaps working a min wage job shifts etc for a week.
    7. Totally agree with this and first aid training/crisis training for all children at different stages during school years to reinforce basics etc.
    8. Again long term would be great but realistically not going to happen in a long time due to Middle East etc..
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