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PPUK - Official Unofficial Meetup

edited January 2017 in General
As the title suggests this is an Official meetup, however it wont be in the style of a conference. It will be mainly a chance to get to know each other more and drink. (Mainly Drinking).

Current Date is Saturday 25th March 2017 in Birmingham.

I will post some location suggestions, however I plan to get the train* up for around lunchtime. However i may drive, (from Gloucestershire if anyone wants to share).

Please post location suggestions and if you are coming to drunk Rum.



  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited March 2017
    (^Edited your post to include the 25th as a Saturday)

    I can confirm attendance for this date but cannot confirm rum drinking on account of driving. The only rum from me will be a... bRum bRum...

    Badum tisk~

    Thank you, thank you...

    The library is a very easy landmark to find your way to. Perhaps we should all meet there initially and then make our way to another location? We can discuss what that location is in this thread.
  • As, more than likely, I'll be arriving with Dave, I'm more than happy to meet anywhere accessible by car. :)
    Dave, will you need/want to find a place to park?
  • I'll also be taking the train up, so anywhere that's in walking distance of a station would be great! (Rebecca here)
  • What sort of time shall we meet up? AM/PM/Lunch/Dinner/Dusk/Dawn?
  • @Termy there is plenty of parking - it's not particularly cheap but it's easy to get to.

    @Zapto the only time I would avoid having any kind of meeting in a pub/restaurant would be dinner time, as it'd be impossible to get a table.
  • A little more information, we will be meeting at the Queen Victoria Statue, as this is quite a prominent and well know landmark in the City. Google Maps link here .

    The idea is to meet around 11am, we can then head to a establishment of choice by those that turn up. There are a number of beer/cider/wine/coffee places within the City.

    During the morning, I will be on Chat and available of people get lost / stuck and need directions.

    to ensure that we know numbers please can people sign up here, this isn't binding but gives us an idea.



  • edited March 2017
    So a bit more detail, The proposal is to meet at the Queen Victoria Statue, at 11am. Some of us will be there beforehand with a PPUK Flag for ease to find us!

    Around 11.20 once we are confidant no late comers are here we will walk down to The Briar Rose public house, (25 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5RE), again we should have the flag and recognisable people will be around. (look at the Profiles for the NEC Team, as these are all confirmed as coming). If its deemed appropriate we could hand out leaflets etc as we proceed to the PH.

    We can then move onto The Sun On The Hill (next door if we wish). There are also a number of other public houses that can accommodate the large group (that we hopefully have).

    For these that look slightly younger, I would advise to bring ID and all of the places selected serve both alcohol and non alcoholic beverages.

    Most people are coming by train to either New Street or Moor Street. Both are easily walkable. MAP from New street station to Meeting point

    If you are driving up I suggest that you park out of town at a number of the free parking places and get the train in, its about £3.30 (single) from Sandwell & Dudley Train Station (This will take you to New Street), or park at The Hawthorns and get the train to Snow Hill (£2.50 Return).

    A rough agenda (more to keep the flow of topics rather than people go off into splinter groups. This is no way an exhaustive and comprehensive list.

    Welcome and Leaders update - From our Glorious Acting Leader Dave Elston,
    How you can help the party from the NEC - What we need in terms of Volunteers
    Policy Discussion

    Drinks -- Lots of Drinks --

    If anyone needs any help with getting to the meet up, please come and find me in chat. Or Drop a message on the forum and I will contact you. We may be able to help get you here some how.

    Please please please do come and let us know you are coming here. https://pirateparty.org.uk/events/official-irl-meet

    And make some noise on social media!
  • I'll be arriving into Digbeth Coach Station at roughly 12:10pm and it'll take me, according to Google Maps, about 10 mins to walk to The Briar Rose. So there's that. Don't move away from there too quickly. And don't start without me. ^^
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