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Termy for Deputy Leader: My Core Policies

edited January 2017 in Candidate
Every good Party Leader had a set of standards to be set by, and the Leader of the Pirate Party UK is no exception. As the winner of the current election for Deputy Leader will effectively serve as the Acting Party Leader, I thought it would be beneficial to list what I would like to see happen, and what I will aim to do should I become your Deputy (Acting) Leader in February.

Below are my Five Core Policies:

* Staying in touch: I aim to stay connected with you, our membership, on a regular basis. After all, the NEC serves you and the Party. We are like MPs, directly accountable to you. I have a few ideas on how to do this, including email newsletters, through our usual meetings and Discord chats, and maybe we can even do Leadership videos.

* Names and Voices to Faces: I would like to see us maintain a regular schedule, once or twice a year, where we have meet ups. It's easy in branches to stay connected and meet up regularly, there's relatively no cost to it. A national meet up however involves travel costs for many, but I'd still like to see us doing something together regularly.

* Improving the Platform: We are currently going through an overhaul of our online infrastructure, which is great. Getting more for the money we spend, making things more efficient, cutting spend, all of this is amazing work spearheaded by our amazing IT team. And I think the logical next step is to keep the overhaul going, onto the web platform itself and beyond. There are a few ideas I have I would like to work on, as well as fixing a few niggling problems I've had for a long time with our platform.

* Getting the Word Out: I intend to continue working with the Press team (especially writing press releases and acting as a spokesperson), and I intend to fulfil one of the roles of Leader assisting candidates elsewhere in the Party whenever I can. I’d like to see the Pirate Party UK name become more widespread, and for us to become the Party we deserve to be. And finally,

* Listening to You: Like I said in the above point, Staying in Touch, we are here to serve you. If you have any ideas, comments, questions, whatever, I want to hear them. I find that a lot of the time, people have great ideas but don’t have the courage and confidence to talk about them. We as a Party should foster ability where it exists, and I want to see us honing in on people’s abilities. We should be a Party that appreciates its people.
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