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Nottingham and East Midlands.

Hi all,

I am considering establishing a branch within Nottingham and am wondering if any members would be willing and wanting to assist me in this.

I am aware of venues that are currently available to hold meetings and believe that Nottingham would be a great foothold to gain, with the current feelings of many of the disappointed political community here.

If anyone feels they can help or advise then comments are greatly appreciated.

many thanks John


  • Hi @Johnlee.
    Have you joined our Discord server? We've already got a few branches established and having a space to chat and organise online as well as in purpose seems to be useful. If you make it onto Discord, give me a prod and I'll see about getting you a branch channel.
  • Hi @topperfalkon
    Yes I joined on Discord a wee while back. Just picked up a stray email in my spam folder. see you on discord
    many thanks John.
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