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Constitution Amendments

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited February 2017 in Policy Discussion
Hello all

With the recent proposed amendments, agreed by the Board now going to membership for voting, it would be a good idea if everyone could discuss anything they are perhaps unclear of at this time in this thread.

For clarity, the Board reduction to 9 is to allow the Board to better function and reach quorum. In the past the Board has struggled to be a full 12, especially during meetings. This made it quite difficult to achieve decisions over any reasonable time frame. While ideally we'd like to have a fully populated and functioning Board with 12 members, right now there are more important roles to fill and as such, if we reduce the Board to 9, decisions can still be made at a Board level while the party focuses on populating the operational levels of the party, such as the NEC or sourcing candidates for the up coming local elections.

As for the other amendment to the constitution, we are seeking to remove the ability for NEC to remove other elected NEC members from the NEC.

In principal it may sound good that the NEC by majority can vote-of-no-confidence another member in extreme cases, however it does permit the NEC to become a bit of a "boys club". While 4 NEC members could vote out any new on-coming member by majority, allowing them to essentially over-ride any internal election, membership decision or Board interim appointment. I proposed and the Board agreed for this function to be removed and arbitration matters such as a vote of no confidence resides with the membership and the Board of Governors.

This means the NEC has to work together, regardless of an election result but in extreme circumstances the Board and membership themselves can remove someone (similar to our parliamentary recall policy) that they feel is no longer acting in a way that represents the party correctly.
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