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Nomination for Nominations Officer

Hello! I'd like to nominate myself as Nominations Officer.

I've been a member of the party since early 2013, and an active member of Manchester Branch. This spring I stood in the European Parliament elections as a candidate; you can find out more about me here. My experience in academic administration, including as a conference organizer and journal editor among other things, should mean that I'm able to do a decent job.

Any questions, let me know!

- George


  • Hi George,

    Great that you have put yourself forward to stand and I have no doubt that you will be able to do a decent job. If possible, I would really appreciate it if you could outline a little how you see the work of the Nominations team developing under your 'Officership' (assuming sufficient volunteer assistance of course).


    - Mark
  • Hi George,

    Good luck with your candidacy for this post! As we are likely to have multiple branches fielding candidates in both local and national elections next May, would you expect to delegate responsibility for nominations paperwork etc to branches or handle this all centrally?

    If delegating, what training and support would you expect to provide to branches over the next few months?

    If centrally, how do you plan to resource this as (having performed the role previously) I suspect the workload would be too heavy for a single person?


  • Thanks! To try to answer Mark's question, the role has been empty for a while now, and it's not hard to improve on an empty seat... but of course that's not the right attitude. ;) Essentially I see the Nominations role as one that should be almost invisible if I'm doing my job properly: handling paperwork behind the scenes, making sure deadlines aren't missed, and liaising with candidates and their agents about the administrative requirements they need to meet. That way, the candidates themselves are free to concentrate on the concrete aspects of campaigning. That feeds into Phil's question: having not done the role I'm of course not sure about the exact balance between central and local, but I think a large part of the role initially will involve trying to make sure that election agents are in place for each branch and that they know what their responsibilities are. I'd aim to produce an agent "cheat sheet" with key dates and duties, and of course to be available for them to talk to whenever the need arises. Since different ESUs have different contacts and different ways of doing things, it doesn't make much sense for one person to deal with all of them, so I'd aim to delegate that part of the role to agents. On the other hand I understand that some of the paperwork has to be handled centrally, if for no other reason than that it needs the Nominations Officer's signature.

    That's the external part of the role. As regards internal nominations I think things more or less work, and I'd aim to continue as before.

    I've also been talking to Sam and others about the information that comes from the electoral roll. There's a plan to develop a new database to handle and update this information, and I'd be happy to be involved in populating and maintaining the database, and also in discussing with the campaigns team how best to use the information that we do have. For the latter some volunteer support would be invaluable.
  • Thanks for the response George. This sounds pretty similar to what I was expecting to do while I was in role, however the branches hadn't developed enough at the point! I'd be happy to have a chat with you about this at some point if you'd find it useful?
  • edited October 2014

    Although I am new to the party, I may be interested in fulfilling one of the Board vacancies. I am based in London.

    I have a background in student Unions, and University Governance. I was a member of the Green Party of England & Wales, and I was the Co-Convenor and also the Membership Secretary of the Lambeth Green Party.

    I am hopeful of volunteering some of my time within the Press Office of the Pirate Party, and helping Mark with his campaign in South London.

    At present I am not nominating myself, but willing to discuss the possibility.

  • Phil, it'd be great to talk at some point (if/when elected) - thanks!

    Scott, thanks for your message. It might be a good idea to start a new thread, just so everyone sees it.
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